Transcendent Hydra

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Transcendent Hydra
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Transcendent Hydras are a group of Vex Hydras that serves Belmon, Transcendent Mind. With one such Hydra being first seen in The Glassway Strike accompanying Belmon after the Vex Gate made by Clovis Bray was reactivated.


The Transcendent Hydras resided within 2082 Volantis under the command of Belmon, Transcendent Mind, who they followed through into a Warp Gate that led to Europa. The one who accompanied Belmon during its initial invasion was destroyed by a Fireteam of Guardians.


To intiate the final encounter, players are required to eliminate the Fallen lingering near the portal. As the portal opens, the Transcendent Hydra will emerge first with Vex reinforcements followed by Belmon, Transcendent Mind, who will proceed to bombard the players with Aeon Maul blasts.

Within the lair are two corridors to the left and right of the entrance. As players enter these areas, the Transcendent Hydra will chase them around. After dealing significant damage to the Hydra, it will disappear to leave Belmon outside.

Later it returns to battle with more Vex reinforcements after Belmon takes damage. The consist of Goblins, Hobgoblins, Minotaurs, Harpies, Wyverns and Fanatics. Once all the enemies have been killed and the Hydra has taken enough damage, it will retreat and Belmon will spawn again with more Vex reinforcements. Players are required to eliminate the new wave of Vex and deal more damage to Belmon to begin the final phase.

In the final phase Belmon and the Transcendent Hydra will both spawn together with another group of reinforcements. Both are required to be killed to end the Strike.


  • The Transcendent Hydra is the only Hydra to use a weapon other than Aeon Maul.


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