Kargen, the Technocrat

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Kargen, the Technocrat
Profile of Kargen the Technocrat.
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The Insight Terminus


SolarS.png Projection Rifle


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"That Commander was Kargen, an elite Cabal psion who has caused significant damage to the Vex collective in this timestream."

Kargen, the Technocrat is a large, high-ranking Psion Flayer and one of the Red Legion's foremost experts on Vex technology. He and his team pillaged countless Vex sites and later attempted to hack the Insight Terminus using a prototype OXA Machine on Nessus.


During the Red War Kargen led numerous raids on Vex installations across the Sol System. Following the defeat of Dominus Ghaul, Kargen turned his attention to the Insight Terminus on Nessus, which was a major Vex information depot. To aid in his mission he utilized a data artifact based on the OXA Machine.[1]

As Kargen's forces stormed the Insight Terminus, he encountered a strike team of Guardians while accessing a Vex Conflux. Kargen quickly used the Conflux to access the local Vex gate network and escape the Guardians while also granting his forces access to more of the Insight Terminus. He attempted to stay one step ahead of the Guardians who pursued him through the Vex complex, swiftly slaughtering his way through dozens of Vex to reach the core of the Insight Terminus before them. With the access granted to him by the Conflux he manipulated, Kargen was able to bring in more Cabal reinforcements to slow the Guardians and gained nearly complete control of the local gate network. After sealing a door behind him with another Conflux, Kargen left several of his lieutenants to eliminate the Guardians, but they were all killed.[1]

Upon reaching the Quiet Epiphany, Kargen was confronted by several Minotaurs and a Hydra. He unleashed a massive blast of Void energy and destroyed the Vex minds. With his path now clear, Kargen began accessing the Insight Terminus, but the strike team of Guardians interrupted his interaction by taking control of several Vex plates in the area and create firewalls to block his progress. Summoning more Red Legion forces through the nearby Vex gates, Kargen personally fought the three Guardians but quickly found himself being overwhelmed by them and was eventually struck down.[1]


Kargen is armed with a Projection Rifle for ranged combat, allowing him to rapidly bombard a player's position on the battlefield. He will quickly maneuver around the arena with thrusters on his back as well as run to different locations to confuse the player, and also packs a high total health to boot. Kargen's unique trait is that he can produce multiple Psionic Blasts at once, spreading numerous Void ruptures and fire hazards across the area, and when faced at point blank, he will psionically smash the ground to create a shockwave that will knock Guardians off of the combat space entirely, sending them falling to their death. When at 50% health, he will reach upward and suspend himself in a Vex cage. To release him, one must stand on the Sync Plates for long enough; when he drops back down, he will produce even more psionic blasts than before. Kargen's sustained firepower, deadly psionic attacks, erratic movements, and unusual resilience make him a troublesome foe to overcome.



  • Kargen is seen wearing a mantle that drapes on his back, possibly indicating his rank as a Psion Flayer.
  • Kargen is the only Psion Strike boss in Destiny 2, and the fourth overall after the Psion Flayers seen in the Dust Palace Strike.
  • Kargen was the largest Psion by far until Inotam was released. Now his size is common place for Ultra Psions.
  • Kargen shares the same title as Praksis, the Technocrat.

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