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Quiet Epiphany



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The Quiet Epiphany is a location in the Arcadian Valley, Nessus. It is only accessed as part of the Strike The Insight Terminus. It is hidden near the core of the planetoid, only reachable through a series of tunnels and ravines half-flooded with Radiolaria. It consists of a single platform in the middle of a void, housing a powerful information terminal, the Insight Terminus.[1]


Kargen, the Technocrat defeated the Vex defending the Epiphany just as the Guardian fireteam reached him, forcing him to access the Terminus while in battle. The Guardians used their Ghosts to hack nearby Sync Plates and compromise the Psion Flayer's communion, bringing him into a vulnerable position. Despite calling several detachments of Cabal as reinforcements, the Technocrat perished at the Epiphany, only partially gleaning at the information he sought.

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