Ransaaks, Privateer

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Ransaaks, Privateer
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SolarS.png Shrapnel Launcher
SolarS.png Molten Welder
ArcS.png Shock Grenades


Summon Fallen
Summon Cabal
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Switch Weapons
KineticS.png Ultra Smash
SolarS.png Burn


Ransaaks, Privateer was an extremely powerful Fallen Captain and the leader of a large crew of pirates, consisting of both Eliksni and Cabal. They were hired by Eramis, the Shipstealer, to assist her in hunting for the lost relics of Nezarec on behalf of the Witness. They served as one of the final bosses of the now-unavailable Ketchcrash activity.[1]


Ransaaks is the second of the three weekly-rotating privateer bosses that appear in the Ketchcrash activity. After you have boarded the enemy Ketch and completed the first randomized encounter, you and your Fireteam will proceed to the Captain's Quarters, where the boss will be waiting for you. When you arrive at the quarters, the Cabal guards will begin firing at you almost immediately, while the Captain will let out a battle cry before departing via teleportation. Players will then be required to move on to the next encounter.

Once you have finished the second encounter, you must head up to the bridge of the ship. Interact with the terminal to commence the final confrontation, and Ransaaks will teleport onto the deck outside, which is inaccessible due to a shield barrier. The Captain will perform another battle cry to summon a horde of War Beasts to charge you and your allies. Eliminating the onslaught of enemies will prompt their leader to join the fight, with several Dregs entering the arena from the doors on the right and left sides. Initially, Ransaaks comes equipped with a Shrapnel Launcher, as well as Shock Grenades that they can throw at long distances. They can also set fire to the ground around them by using their close-range stomp attack, which will drain a large amount of a player's health and send them flying backwards if are caught in its radius. More Dregs will arrive whenever you wipe out a group of them, while another wave of War Beasts will arrive to overwhelm you once their master has been damaged enough.

After depleting a third of their health, Ransaaks will retreat back out to the deck, as several Outlaw Gladiators emerge to cover their escape, whom you must kill to progress the fight. After taking care of their Cabal warriors, the boss will call upon more War Beasts in large numbers, this time accompanied by several Unyielding Servitors. Ransaaks will follow their horde of allies back into the bridge and rejoin the battle. The second phase will play out the same as the first, with reinforcements coming to back up their leader after they have taken heavy damage, before the privateer once again retreats outside when they are down to the last third of their health. After the fireteam has repelled the Gladiators, however, the shield barrier will deactivate, allowing players to follow the boss out to the deck of the ship.

The top deck will be swarming with both Fallen and Cabal enemies, with Scorpius turrets stationed around the area and a Thresher flying overhead. Ransaaks will have forgone their Shrapnel Launcher in favor of a more dangerous Molten Welder, although their stomp attack will no longer set the ground on fire. It is advised that you eliminate both the turrets and the Thresher before focusing on the boss, as they can rapidly drain a player's health and cause many repeated deaths if left unchecked. On the other hand, Ransaaks is completely vulnerable and can be put down in no time by the fireteam using their Supers or power weapons in quick succession. Once the Captain has finally been defeated, the mission will be complete, and players may open the chest that spawns to collect their rewards.

When fighting the boss on Master difficulty, two Champions—either Overload Captains and/or Barrier Servitors—will spawn whenever Ransaaks retreats behind the energy barrier.



  • Ransaaks's name is a play on the word "ransack," which means to go through a place stealing things and causing harm.

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