Scorn Scrapwalker

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Scorn Scrapwalker
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Scorn Walker

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Shattered Realm: Debris of Dreams


Solar Missile Pod
Nose Flamethrower
Shock Grenades


High Durability
Shock Emission
Energy Shield


The Scorn Scrapwalker was a Scorn Walker encountered in the Shattered Realm: Debris of Dreams Mission. It was deployed to prevent the Guardian from aligning the third Ley Line beacon and freeing the lost Techeun, but was destroyed.[1]


The Scrapwalker serves as the final boss of the Debris of Dreams branch of the Shattered Realm, which is available every three weeks as part of the weekly-rotating activity.

Once the player has activated the final Ley Line beacon, a Skiff will arrive to drop off the Walker, and multiple Scorn combatants will teleport in to assist in preventing the alignment. The tank is equipped with a missile pod that can fire large barrages of tracking rockets, as well as a nose-mounted flamethrower for burning anything directly in front of it. If players get to close, it can let out a massive, charged burst of Arc energy that can potentially send you flying. When the armor on one of the Walkers legs is destroyed, it will temporarily become disable and its weak spot exposed. However, when this happens, a large shield dome will appear around the Walker, protecting it from any long-ranged attacks and forcing players to get closer in order to exploit its weak point. Once the Scrapwalker has been dealt with, the player may approach the stasis capsule on the far side of the arena and free the Techeun, bringing the mission to an end.



  • The Scrapwalker is transported to the battlefield via a Skiff, making this first time the Scorn have ever been seen to utilize these aircrafts, or even ships in general.

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