Argos, Planetary Core

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Argos, Planetary Core
Argos Thumb.jpg
Biographical Information




Vex Sol Collective


Axis Mind




235 Ft.

Combat Information


Leviathan, Eater of Worlds


Quantum Mines
Aeon Maul
Supplicant Missiles


Prism Barrier
Detainment Prism
Arc Force Cage
Gravity Smasher
High Durability
Summon Vex


Argos, Planetary Core is a powerful Vex Axis Mind that resides within the Leviathan's core. It is a massive unique Hydra whose size is comparable to Panoptes, Infinite Mind, and it is the final boss of the Leviathan, Eater of Worlds Raid Lair.[1] It is speculated to be the Mind that was in charge of Nessus's conversion into a Machine World, akin to the role of Dendron, Root Mind, Brakion, Genesis Mind, or Sekrion, Nexus Mind.


When the Leviathan began to consume Nessus, Argos was sucked into the Leviathan's rubble alongside a squadron of Vex. The Hydra's barrier quickly began to clog up the Leviathan's massive vacuum, causing Emperor Calus to call upon the Guardian to destroy the fearsome Axis Mind.


Argos' encounter is structured very similarly to Aksis, Archon Prime and is split in two sections.

Break the Barrier[edit]

Initially, there will be a giant prism structure floating in the center of the triangular map; it will be protected by a barrier that will need to be brought down by shooting its Arc, Solar, and Void crystals. These crystals can only be destroyed with its respective Vex elemental cranium weapon, which must be obtained by fully charging its altar using Vex Cranium fragments scattered around the map. These fragments need to be inserted into one of the corners of the altar, and the elemental cranium weapon will appear when all the altar's corners have a Cranium fragment in them. This process is up against two impediments: masses of lesser Vex units and the triggering of Quantum Mines. If it takes too long to destroy a crystal, then the mines will arm themselves and eventually detonate, wiping the entire team. Successfully destroying all the crystals breaks the first layer of the barrier, finally revealing Argos, Planetary Core.

Destroy Argos[edit]

With its full form finally revealed, Argos begins to attack with its Aeon Maul, which has greater range and rate of fire than those wielded by normal Hydras. It will be protected by a prismatic barrier that can only be disabled by bringing the floating elemental charges on the top, left, and right corners in line with a switch at the center, again using the respective cranium weapons, which will be obtained in the same manner as last time. When the barrier is shut down, Guardians will gain the "Unstable Energy Boost" buff and be able to freely damage Argos. However, they must remain alert, as Argos will activate one of two self-defense protocols. It can fire a detainment prism from its eye, trapping anyone that it touches and sending them away from the main platforms, eventually killing them via Force Cage. Additionally, it will send a barrage of Supplicant missiles, which will seek their targets out and blast them apart. After a short while, the prismatic barrier will re-calibrate itself and fully shield Argos once again. However, it will occasionally bring down the barrier and attempt to rip the air with Void energy, signaling the charge-up of its Gravity Smasher bomb. If left to detonate on its own, it will instantly kill the whole team. The only way to shut this process down is to, from the surrounding semicircular platforms, destroy a pair of weak points that will be open: one on its middle segment arms, one on its head, and one on its back. Destroying any given pair of weak spots will briefly stun Argos, allowing some damage to be dealt, but it is recommended to get back to gathering craniums to initiate the damage phase again.

Prestige Mode Changes[edit]


You have to play with a set loadout of weapon types, e.g. Kinetic Pulse Rifle, Energy SMG, Power Grenade Launcher. Ammo reserves are disabled. You start with only a full Kinetic magazine and as soon as you empty it, the Energy Magazine is refilled, after that the Power Magazine. Sometimes it may refill two Magazines, and it will only cycle on as soon as every magazine has been emptied. Additionally, ammo drops are limited to rare drops of Heavy Ammo.

Quantum Mines now take 25 charges before being destroyed.

Enemies in general are harder to kill and deal more damage.



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