Dendron, Root Mind

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Dendron, Root Mind
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Axis Mind



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A Garden World


VoidS.png Chronology Rifle


VoidS.png Time Distortion
Slowness Effect
Pillar Shifting
Summon Vex
High Durability
Rapid Rotation
Initial Immunity
Matrix Shielding


Dendron, Root Mind was a massive Vex Cyclops and Axis Mind that featured as the main boss of the A Garden World Story Mission and Strike. Found in Mercury's Simulant Past, it played a significant role in not only the planet's conversion into a Machine World, but also in the creation of the Infinite Forest, and by extension Panoptes, Infinite Mind.


Dendron was housed within a massive Vex Cyclops chassis, with gold and white detailing that marked it as a member of the Sol Primeval atop a Vex spire on Mercury. As the Axis Mind responsible for the planet's conversion into a machine world, it channeled Arc energy into the spire, producing Radiolaria across the planet's surface. It was soon after destroyed in the Simulant Past by a time-travelling Guardian and their Ghost possessed by Sagira, who were searching for the algorithm that created the Infinite Forest, in order to track down its overseer, Panoptes.

After the destruction of Panoptes, Osiris attempted to recreate the Root Mind under his control, only for the simulation to achieve sentience and reassert dominance over the Forest in the Infinite Mind's place. At the request of the legendary Warlock, a Fireteam of Guardians journeyed into the Simulant Past and destroyed the simulated Dendron once again.[1]


Dendron is found in the A Garden World mission and strike, serving as the final boss of both. Once you have reached the top of its spire, you will find the Cyclops behind an impenetrable shield barrier, which is deactivated by destroying the matrix in the center of the arena. After its forceful awakening, the Root Mind will enter its attack mode, where it circles around the battlefield and fires Void-powered laser beams with its Chronology Rifle. It is also capable of shooting a large, Time Distortion projectile, which cripplingly slows players down if hit by it. Once a third of its health has drained, Dendron will regain its defensive barrier and awaken two of the four Shielded Minotaurs located at the edges of the arena. Each of these Majors is protected by an immunity shield, powered by their own floating modules in shield domes, which also generate the boss's defenses. Destroying the two modules will render both the Minotaurs and the Root Mind vulnerable, allowing battle to continue. This will have to be repeated when Dendron regains its barrier upon its health being reduced by another third. After the last two shield modules have been destroyed, players will be free to take out the Cyclops and finish the mission.



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