Dendron, Root Mind

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Dendron, Root Mind
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Sol Primeval


Axis Mind



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A Garden World


Chronology Rifle


Initial Immunity
Time Distortion
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Matrix Shielding
Pillar Shifting
High Durability
Rapid Rotation
Summon Vex


Dendron, Root Mind[1] is a Vex Axis Mind that features as the main boss of A Garden World Strike. First encountered in the Simulant Past of Mercury within the Infinite Forest, it played a significant role in not only Mercury's conversion into a Machine world, but also the creation of the Infinite Forest and by extension Panoptes, Infinite Mind.


Dendron is housed within a massive Vex Cyclops chassis, with gold and white detailing that marks it as a member of the Sol Primeval. It remains behind an impenetrable shield unless said shield is disrupted, either by destroying the matrix connected to it or by attacking the various minotaurs that appear. In attack mode, Dendron will circle around the battlefield and fire a Chronology Rifle, or fire a large Time Distortion projectile.

As the Vex Mind responsible for Mercury conversion into a machine world, Dendron channeled Arc energy into a Vex spire producing radiolaria across the planet's surface. It was met and destroyed by The Guardian and his Ghost possessed by Sagira, who were looking for the algorithm that created the Infinite Forest itself.

After the destruction of Panoptes, Osiris attempted to recreate the Root Mind under his control, only for the simulated Dendron to achieve sentience and attempted dominance over the Forest in Panoptes' place. It was then destroyed by a fireteam of Guardians under Osiris' request.


  • "Dendron" is the Greek term for "tree", which alludes to the environment of the Strike.
  • Dendron is the first Vex Axis Mind Ultra Boss that resembles a Cyclops.
    • In addition to this, Dendron is the only Cyclops in the Sol Primeval, this was until the introduction of Sol Primeval Cyclops in the Corridors of Time.
  • Excluding Valus Thuun, Dendron is one of the only bosses that you face in a mission that isn't in a Darkness Zone.
  • Dendron, Root Mind is the third Axis Mind Vex Boss that is called by name in-game with Atheon, Brakion and Panoptes before it.
  • Dendron is one of three bosses whose remains can be moved around and played with, The others are Savathun's Song and the S.A.B.E.R.-2.


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