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War Hound


War Beast


Red Legion


Elite Military Hound


Flashpoint: EDZ

Combat information


Cabal Claws Melee


High Durability
Rapid Movement
Summon Cabal


War Hounds are elite War Beast units that appear in the European Dead Zone Flashpoint.


War Hounds behave in the same way as regular War Beasts, with the main difference being that they have a much larger total health count than their regular counterparts. They can run in fast and slash Guardians to pieces, so close-range weaponry that can burst down high-health targets in a pinch will take War Hounds down fairly quickly.


  • Unlike the regular crimson-red War Beasts the War Hound is colored Black and Gold like the Loyalists War Beasts.
  • War Hounds typically appear during the Mining Lander Public Event.