Cabal Excavation

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Cabal Excavation


European Dead Zone




Prevent the Cabal from mining resources.


Cabal Excavation is a Public Event that occurs in several Destinations in Destiny 2. A Cabal Mining Lander is deployed to drain an area of resources, and must be stopped by nearby Guardians.


"And my vanquisher will read that book, seeking the weapon, and they will come to understand me, where I have been and where I was going."
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  • Override the Mining Lander
    • Guardians Overriding: X of Y
  • Eliminate the Excavation Valus


A Mining Lander will deploy from an orbiting Cabal Carrier, and begin extracting resources. All participating players are encouraged by the objective to stay close to it, within a white circle, as it will allow them to hack the lander faster. For the duration of the event, reinforcements will continue arriving nearby, getting stronger with time, and the area around the lander will be bombarded by the orbiting Carrier. Once the overriding reaches 100%, the event will complete successfully, and the lander will return to orbit.

Heroic Event: The Excavation Valus[edit]

Around 33% of the override process, a Thresher will start moving through the area as air support. If it is destroyed, the Heroic Event will begin. The Valus in charge of the operation will arrive via Drop Pod, stopping the override process. The objective will become to slay the Valus, a powerful Ultra enemy. Killing the boss will complete the event, and prompt the Cabal to destroy their lander.


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Most Locations - Red Legion[1]
Neptune - Shadow Legion[2]

As most locations, except


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