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Crypt Security
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Clovis Bray
House of Salvation (repurposed)


Security System

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Deep Stone Crypt


High Durability
SolarS.png Enforced Combustion
Blazing Purge


The Crypt Security is a high-end security system developed by Clovis Bray, deployed to the Deep Stone Crypt to protect the contents within. Before the events of the War of Salvation, House of Salvation would uncover and occupy the Crypt, securing and repurposing the systems and tech inside, the Crypt Security systems included. During the Raid on the facility, a Fireteam of Guardians would face off against the repurposed security systems, eventually disabling it by destroying its power fuses, forcing the Crypt to switch to back-up Security protocols.[1]


Upon arrival, players enter an area with three cylindrical fuselages at the centre of two rooms. One room is well lit with white lighting, while the other is dimmed with darker lighting. There are a total of six cylinders and these can be labelled into right, middle and left. The objective of the encounter is to damage the shields of the six fuses to disable the Crypts Security.

Within the two rooms are white stations that emit a yellow light named, Augment Terminals. Also in the rooms are four tall columns spread across. The columns in the light room are cylindrical in design, while the columns in dark room are rectangular. Each column has plexiglass at bottom and give a limited view of the room below showing one panel on the wall. One column is unique for showing two panels. These panels play an important role and players are advised to number them correctly to help guide each other into shooting the correct panel from below.

The Crypt Security

The Security Crypt also has a basement room with all the panels on the walls. It is also aptly lit light and dark to help players differentiate the sides. Also in the room is another augment terminal and above it are three lights that will glow yellow. These lights will help instruct players on which Crypt cylinder to attack.

Players are advised to split up into two teams of three, with one team in the light room and another in the dark room as the Crypt will close its doors in the middle.

To initiate the encounter, one player needs to pick up a red Operator Augment from the terminal and head downstairs to the basement by shooting past the red glowing panels on the wall. They then need to wait for the players above to guide them to the correct panel. The Operator needs to shoot a total of four panels, two from the dark side and two from the light side to begin the damage phase.

In order to guide the Operator, players must wait for a Hacker Vandal to spawn to collect its yellow Scanner Augment. The player with the Scanner then needs to look through the columns and guide the Operator to the panel glowing yellow. They then need to pass the augment from dark room to the light room through the augment terminal. This will allow the Operator to successfully shoot all four panels. The Operator must act quick as they are given a minute before the Crypt initiates its defences and kills them with fire. If a Operator dies, players must wait for a Operator Vandal to spawn to reacquire the augment.

After the Operator successfully shoots the four panels, they must transfer the Operator augment above and then acquire the Scanner augment. Augment terminals is limited to hold one augment, so players must take Operator from above to transfer the Scanner below. Players are also limited to holding one augment at a time.

A Sentinel Servitor shielding the nearby Fallen.

A Sentinel Servitor will spawn to prevent the transfer of augments by disabling the terminals. This Servitor needs to be defeated quickly to progress into the damage phase. Overload Captains and Dark Council Guards armed with Shock Blades will also spawn alongside other Fallen reinforcements.

As previously mentioned, the lights near the basement terminal will randomly glow yellow to initiate the damage phase. The Scanner from below needs to guide the players above to the correct cylinder so they can shoot it otherwise it will cause the fireteam to wipe. After dealing a sustainable amount of damage, the cylinder will disable itself and close. Players need to shoot the cylinders a total of six times to complete the encounter. Due to the high damage it can do, it is recommended to use Xenophage.

Upon completion, players are gifted with another raid chest and then need to traverse to the next encounter in Clarity Control.


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