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Eventide, Europa (Exo upload)





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Clovis Bray

No. I've run every diagnostic you can possibly check. This body's not broken; it's wrong. I can tell you by the way I walk. I can't get into a rhythm!

Mia-9 was an Exo who worked for Clovis Bray during the Golden Age and was amongst the first Exo created. She fought in the Battle of Europa against an invading Vex army.


After Mia was uploaded into an Exo body, she began complaining to Clovis Bray technicians that her body was "wrong". She believed that its center of balance was off which prevented her from walking in the same rhythm she had as a human. Mia noted that Elisabeth Bray had received her own custom Exo body that matched her former human body's dimensions. One of her fellow employees accused her of being jealous, a fact Mia did not deny as she felt it was unfair for Elsie to have preferential treatment.[1]

When the Vex began an invasion of the Eventide colony through the Glassway, Mia joined a group of survivors in taking shelter within Creation, a portion of the Bray Exoscience facility that housed the consciousness of Clovis Bray I within a giant Exo head. She joined Elsie and Noe-2 on a mission outside the safe room, but when they returned, they discovered that Clovis I had forced the others to activate Clovis-1, a second copy of himself that lacked his memories. The Brays argued over strategy, and Mia sided with Elsie in planning on rescuing another group of survivors before evacuating the moon.[2]

Clovis I sabotaged their evacuation plans and killed several of them by bombing their ship rather than risk losing his holdings on Europa to Elsie's plan to defeat the Vex by crashing the Morning Star orbital station into the moon. As Noe recovered from the explosion, she was horrified to discover that several of her comrades had been killed in the blast, including Hector-6. Elsie and Clovis-1 were horrified by what had occurred, but Clovis I merely declared it a necessary evil and ordered them all to return to him. Mia despaired as Elsie seemed on the verge of giving into her grandfather's demands, but Clovis-1 suggested that they could fight the Vex and close off the portal to end the invasion, suggesting they all owed it to the people who had died to stop both the Vex and Clovis I. Mia found herself nodding along to Clovis-1 as he made his argument, and all the remaining survivors rallied behind them in agreement.[3]

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