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"I don't have time to explain why I don't have time to explain."
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House Bray[1] is a distinguished human family that lived at the height of the Golden Age. The family's progenitor is Clovis Bray I, founder of the Mars-based corporation of the same name[2]. Clovis had at least one child, his son Clovis Bray II.[2] Other members of House Bray led similarly illustrious and influential lives. It is unknown if the family survived the Collapse; Ana Bray is the only known member of the House who was alive during the City Age, but as a Guardian, she may have died during the Collapse and subsequently been revived by a Ghost.


Clovis Bray I[edit]

Founder and head of the Clovis Bay Corporation.[2]

Clovis Bray II[edit]

Son of Clovis Bray I.[2]

Alton Bray[edit]

Author of the book "Trials and Triumphs"[3]

Elsie Bray[edit]

Disappeared three years after designing the Jumpship "Eon Trespass".[4]

Dr. Willa Bray[edit]

The inventor of the Engram.[5] She also directed the project that created SIVA, which was based on work by Dr. Zarin Shirazi and in which Dr. Zhang played a critical role.[6][7]

Ana Bray[edit]

A Guardian Hunter who perished in the Battle of the Twilight Gap[8]

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