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"I don't have time to explain why I don't have time to explain."
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Camrin Dumuzi
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Ana Bray
Owl Sector

"Remember the answer to saving our future might just lay in the past."
— Camrin to Ana Bray[1]

Camrin Dumuzi was a Human who served as an agent of the Owl Sector. After meeting and falling in love with the Hunter Ana Bray, she assisted her as Ana investigated her connection to the Golden Age Bray Family and the Clovis Bray Corporation. Camrin used her position within Owl Sector to secretly help Ana Bray and her Ghost, Jinju, locate a Clovis Bray facility on Mars that the team believe to be the birthplace of the Warmind Rasputin. Their search led them to a terminal littered with Vex in Meridian Bay, where Camrin got hurt. Ana placed her in stasis in a Warmind vault in the Cosmodrome named MED-5, where she recovered from her wounds thanks to Rasputin's medical advancements.[2]


  • In the second issue of the Bungie Warmind Comic, it was implied that Camrin and Ana were in a relationship by them kissing.[3]
  • In the third issue of the Bungie Warmind Comic, it was revealed that Camrin and Ana had a relationship.[2]


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