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Alive or dead?[edit]

Okay ForgottenJedi, I think we need to sort this discussion out. First, Camrin's death is mentioned several times throughout the story, and Ana says things like "you knew" and "I won't lose her again". There is also the image were the heart rate monitor isn't showing any heartbeats.

So here's what I think: she got hurt by the Vex grenade in the Meridian Bay in their search for the cradle. This resulted in her wounds, which Rasputin succeeded to cure with his Warmind tech, like you said. But later, she got hurt again and eventually passed away which forced Ana to continue the search for the Warmind, hence why she talks about her in past tense. Why she died is unknown.

I might be wrong here, and if you can show me that I am wrong I'll accept the fact and the edit of the page :) PASSION AND PARADOX. \ AID SAKRIX. \ SIMPLICITY REQUIRES COMPLEXITY. (talk) 16:21, 11 July 2018 (EDT)

It is rather confusing; I was rather surprised that she was alive as well and assumed that they changed the story too late for issue two to be corrected. I think what happened with the flatline is that Camrin was put into a medical stasis pod after that point, but Ana assumed she would never recover. But once Rasputin reconnected with his network he was able to heal her injuries. The final page of issue three makes it quite clear that the scene is happening in the present, and Ana's internal monologue is about how her family is Rasputin, Zavala, and Camrin, which could only make sense if it is post-Warmind DLC.ForgottenJedi (talk) 00:49, 12 July 2018 (EDT)

This is all very, very late, but according to an entry in the Dawning Delights lore book, Camrin Dumuzi is alive at the time of that celebration. Based on Ana being recognized by Zavala in the tower, it's reasonable to say that that entry is post-Warmind, and therefore, Camrin survived. Source: