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"Useless, that boy is. Nothing I altered in Alton's genetics paid off. Oh well. That's why I have three other grandchildren."
Clovis Bray I[1]

Alton Bray was the son of Clovis Bray II and Sylvie Bray, and the brother of Elsie, Willa, and Anastasia. Unlike the rest of his family, he was not a scientist and instead served in a strictly executive role in the Clovis Bray corporation. He was the company's liaison with the K1 project on Luna.


"A great city is a place where man competes with the Gods."
— Alton Bray, "Trials and Triumphs"

At some point Alton wrote a text entitled "Trials and Triumphs" about the city of Freehold, one of Clovis Bray's colonies on Mars.[2]

Alton's father Clovis Bray II eventually began dying from fatal prion insomnia, which had been introduced into the Bray family line by Clovis Bray I's genetic tampering. Unlike his sisters, Alton did not oppose his grandfather's plans to save Clovis II's life by transferring his mind to an experimental Exo body.[3] The experiment failed and Clovis II died horrifically, as his mind rejected the Exo body and tore himself apart due to the Exo body's strength.[4]

While overseeing Clovis Bray's interests in the K1 project, Alton became interested when the project base shut down all communications from First Light Lunar Installation. Investigating further, he discovered that the project was burning through personnel and that those that were still sane upon leaving were reporting disturbing things about the project. Alton had those personnel contained to prevent word of those issues from spreading and paid an announced visit to the K1 project, surprising Commander Kuang Xuan in her quarters. He confronted her about these issues and the project's violation of their agreement to share information, subtly threatening Kuang's position as head of the project and noting that they had little to show since the inception of the project. In response, Kuang asked Firewall to bring up the plans for humanity's first extra-spatial transceiver, which would be built into Luna's surface and allow them to send signals back to whatever was communicating through the artifact K1 was studying. Alton was highly intrigued by this possibility and noted that Kuang spoke as if the transceiver was already built, at which point the Commander invited him to visit Site 2 and see for himself.[5]

Alton received a message from his sister Elsie informing him that she had suffered from the same affliction as their father and had worked with their grandfather to improve the Exo project. She had successfully transferred her mind to a Exo body, but had lost most of her memories in the process. She soon visited the Clovis Bray offices on Mars to reconnect with the family. Alton was fascinated upon meeting her, and pinched her hand when she extended it for a handshake. He was confused that it hurt her and wondered why pain processors would be part of the Exo design, swiftly grabbing a collapsible shelving rod and attempting to hit her in the head as hard as he could. Elsie ducked his swing as he questioned why it would hurt her, noting that pain was an indication of damage and that such an attack could not actually hurt her Exo body. His sister ignored this and instead began questioning why Clovis I had not invited Alton to work on the Exo project when he had reached out to her, Willa, and Ana. Alton brushed this off, noting he was a troubleshooter instead of a researcher, noting that he had cleaned up the K1 project mess and assumed that their grandfather had simply not needed his administrative skills. Elsie revealed that Clovis I had not mentioned Alton at all while telling her of their siblings. Alton was angered by this revelation, recalling that their mother Sylvie had once claimed that their grandfather was afraid of women because he could not control them. He assumed that Clovis I believed he already had Alton completely figured out and simply no longer held interest in exploring any further use for him.[1]

Personality and traits[edit]

"I suppose he thinks he's got me all figured out. And he's not interested in things he already possesses."
— Alton, reflecting on how his grandfather viewed him

Alton was considered to be the black sheep of House Bray by his grandfather Clovis Bray I, who believed him to be useless and used him only as a administrator and troubleshooter for projects. He was aware of this belief and resented his grandfather for it. Alton also had difficulty interacting with family, and his sister Elsie wondered if he related pain tolerance with family relations.[1]


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