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Clovis Security Drones

Security Drones are a type of drone developed by Clovis Bray and used primarily for surveillance and security reasons at their Braytech facilities, predominantly the Deep Stone Crypt and Seraph Station.


Security drones can be used in combination with the Suppressor augment to emit electromagnetic pulses or EMPs; glitching electric systems and even short-circuiting Taniks, the Scarred to temporarily stun.[1] [2]

During Season of the Seraph, fifty security drones are deployed at Braytech locations across the Solar System, including the Moon, Europa, Mars and even aboard Seraph Station; all of which Guardians can destroy with Revision Zero. Destroying all fifty drones will grant access into the Maintenance Substructure section at Seraph Station, where Archangel is located initially.[3]


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