Maintenance Substructure

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Maintenance Substructure


Seraph Station, Geosynchronous Orbit

Enemy factions:

House of Salvation

Connecting areas:

Logistics Sector

Area type:



Maintenance Substructure is a hidden location aboard Seraph Station only accessible through a sealed door in Logistics Sector.


Access to the Maintenance Substructure is only granted to Guardians who completed the task of destroying fifty Security Drones across the Moon, Europa, Mars, and even aboard the station itself, while clearing through the laser barriers with the Tactical Armor upgrade and another security door requiring the Security Clearance upgrade (both which were Seasonal upgrades available at the Exo Frame during the season). After going through a teleporter into the secret area, Guardians must follow a set of holographic paw prints deep into the maze-like substructure. After navigating through a gauntlet of jumping puzzles, Archangel can be found at the very end of the section along with a teleporter back to the Logistics Sector.


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