Logistics Sector

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Logistics Sector


Seraph Station, Geosynchronous Orbit

Enemy factions:

House of Salvation
Xivu Arath's Horde

Connecting areas:

Geosynchronous Orbit
Maintenance Substructure
Operations Sector

Area type:



Logistics Sector is a location set aboard Seraph Station where the station's own hangar bay is at.


After traversing across the outer exterior of the station, Guardians can make their way back inside through the Logistics Sector where they must engage with the Wardens of Xivu Arath at the hangar bay. In the first room inside they must engage at a final encounter with Haroktha, Scourge of the Helium Drinkers. Also adjacent in the same room lies a sealed door which leads to Maintenance Substructure; only accessible when all fifty Security Drones are destroyed with Revision Zero.

After defeating Haroktha, Guardians must continue contending with even more Fallen from House Salvation and puzzles involving the Scanner and Operator augments, accessing entry into Operations Sector through a teleporter. [1]


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