Operations Sector

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Operations Sector


Seraph Station, Geosynchronous Orbit

Enemy factions:

House of Salvation

Connecting areas:

Warsat Control Nexus

Area type:



Operations Sector is a location set aboard Seraph Station, which leads straight into the Warsat Control Nexus.


During Operation: Seraph's Shield, Guardians infiltrating the station must take a one-way teleporter from Logistics Sector into this small area, where they are introduced to Suppressor Vandals wielding the Suppressor augment from Deep Stone Crypt. With the augment equipped using nearby Security Drones, they must shoot a shielded Sentinel Servitor barring the way into the Warsat Control Nexus. Doing so causes the drones to emit a EMP overriding the nearby security door that contains a Shield Drone. Destroying both the drone and the Servitor reactivates the Augment Terminal, allowing Guardians to deposit their augment and permit entry into the final section of Seraph Station.[1]


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