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Lusia Lin
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Clovis Bray (formerly)


"My dear, sweet Lusia. You were meant to be next to me in this life, and the next. There's time yet for me to make it so."
Clovis Bray I[1]

Lusia Lin was the ex-wife of Clovis Bray I and the mother of Clovis Bray II. Like Clovis I, Lusia was a genius during humanity's Golden Age but dedicated her life to preserving places at risk of exploitation or destruction at the hands of Clovis I.


"You are not a robot. You're not even a total-replacement prosthetic. You are a body, and a body is the same thing as a person, and a person deserves respect. Basic transhuman hermeneutics."
— Lusia reassuring her granddaughter Elsie after her Exo conversion

While Lusia was pregnant with Clovis II, her son was genetically altered by Clovis I to inherit his mitochondrial DNA instead of Lusia's in order to ensure that he was the dominant genetic influence on their child.[2] This flawed tampering resulted in Clovis II developing a fatal prion disease that ultimately killed him. Before he died Clovis I attempted to save their son's life by transferring a brain-scanned copy of his mind to a experimental Exo body, but their son's mind rejected the process and ripped itself apart.[3]

After divorcing Clovis I and returning to Earth in the wake of Clovis II's death, Lusia settled in Suriname in South America, which had become a nature preserve. She was determined to help preserve both it and herself from Clovis I's machinations and took steps to hide under her maiden name and having no entry on the Common Compassion registrar. Lusia was eventually found and visited by her granddaughter Elisabeth Bray, who had inherited the same genetic condition as her father but survived her own transfer to an Exo body at the cost of most of her memories, and the two spent time reconnecting.[1]

While checking their fishing nets one day, Lusia noted it was stuck and asked Elsie to dive in and deal with it. The net was ruined by a old propeller, but Elsie emerged with a wolf fish in her hands to make up for it. Lusia was annoyed by the people nearby staring and several men whistling at Elsie and yelled at them to stop and calling them perverts. Elsie pointed out they might have just been fascinated by her being a robot, but Lusia dismissed that and claimed she was not a robot but a person with a body that deserved respect under basic transhuman hermeneutics. Noting her granddaughter's surprise, Lusia became amused and questioned if Clovis I had claimed she was dumb while telling Elsie about her family. As she began cleaning the wolf fish for cooking, Elsie questioned why she had come to Suriname. Lusia explained her preservation mission and called it her home, causing Elsie to question what she was preserving it from. She told her granddaughter the threat was Clovis I, and warned her that he was a liar. Lusia noted that Clovis II's failed conversion had been a test run for her, and that meant that she was a test run for her grandfather. This concerned Lusia, as that meant the process was not yet something Clovis I believed was safe for himself and that should make Elsie afraid as well.[1]

Personality and traits[edit]

Lusia was described by her granddaughter Elsie as a dizzying beauty in her younger days and that she retained that beauty even as a grandmother. Elsie also believed that Lusia's true power was in her intellect, which was capable enough to attract Clovis I. Her relationship with her ex-husband was tense, as she viewed him as a monster and liar who used family as test subjects for his own benefit.[1]


  • Lusia made her grandchildren rhubarb compote when they were younger, a recipe that Clovis I tried repeatedly and failed to replicate.[4]
  • The Deep Stone Crypt raid weapons' descriptions refer to Clovis' ambition to turn the whole Bray family into Exos, including Lusia;[5] probably knowing or having sensed this, she went out of her way to protect herself from him.

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