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M. Liu
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M. Liu was a scientist who worked for Clovis Bray at its research facility on Europa during the late Golden Age.


Liu assisted Clovis Bray I in conducting tests on the experimental rocket launcher Eyes of Tomorrow, which was capable of targeting multiple foes and firing missiles at them at once. Exo Sergeant Traore was assigned to take the launcher through the Glassway to 2082 Volantis and test its capabilities. As they watched Traore's feed, they saw he was confronted by incalculable Vex. Liu reported to Clovis I that the rocket was tracking four targets, displeasing him, and they were directed to give Traore the order to fire. As the Exo attempted to carry out the order, Liu noted that the Vex's fire was melting his body. Although Traore was able to fire two missiles that destroyed their targets, he lost his arm. Liu attempted to convince Clovis I to end the test and retrieve the sergeant, but Clovis I insisted on carrying on with the test, resulting in Traore's death. They became speechless as Clovis I ranted about cowardice and hesitancy ruining the test, although he calmed down and noted the improvements they needed to make to the launcher. Liu stated they would get research and development started on the new design and agreed to have working prototype within the next week. They then attempted to request that Traore's remains be recovered, but Clovis I refused in order to keep the Glassway secured from potential Vex incursion.[1]

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