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Wilhelmina Bray
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Clovis Bray

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Helped develop Engram matter-encryption technique
Overseer of the SIVA project


Doctor Wilhelmina "Willa" Bray was the eldest[1] daughter of Clovis Bray II and Sylvie, and the sister of Alton, Elsie, and Anastasia. She worked for the Clovis Bray corporation as a scientist and executive, having oversight on projects involving SIVA. She was a pioneer in encoding solid matter,[2] which gave way to the invention of the Engram.[3]


Developing SIVA[edit]

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Conflict with Elsie[edit]

When Willa found out about Elsie's research into the Vex and visions of the future, she pressed her sister to reveal details of the project, going so far as to send BrayTech security after her. Terrified of the possible dangers this could pose, Elsie wiped all traces of her research from the network[4] and officially vanished from all records of the Golden Age.[5]

Personality and traits[edit]

Willa was confident and outspoken, not hesitating to tell her grandfather off during his own son's funeral; her strong personality frustrated Elsie, despite the sisterly love between them.[1] She was an avid scientist, even to the point of ruthlessness, and made some dubious choices when it came to her research's advancement over human wellbeing. Her ambition bred dreams of ruling the family corporation after Clovis I's demise, and she was not fond of the prospect of him escaping death thanks to the Exo project. Despite her obvious animosity towards him, Clovis I believed her mind "ran alongside his own",[6] especially when it came to the dream of immortality which Willa saw in the development of SIVA.[1]

She is described as being small and dark-skinned.[1]

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