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"Sylvie is a stain on this family, turning my son against me every chance she gets. His death is on her hands too."
Clovis Bray I[1]

Sylvie Bray was the wife of Clovis Bray II, biological mother of Alton, Willa and Elsie, and step-mother of Ana Bray. She lived during late Golden Age.


At some point in her life, Sylvie married Clovis Bray II, the son of Clovis Bray I of the megacorporation of the same name, and had three children with him. Their marriage went through rough times when Clovis engaged in an extramarital affair which resulted in the birth of Anastasia. Sylvie took the girl in as her own, but noticing her destructive behaviour expressed at a young age, decided to keep the girl's true lineage hidden from her out of fear she would grow up to be just like her grandfather if she knew they were related by blood.[2] Despite Clovis' unfaithfulness, the spouses had genuine love for each other.[1]

When Elsie returned from Europa in an Exo body, Sylvie was horrified her daughter would share the same fate as Clovis II, who had ripped his own chassis apart following his flawed transition.[3] Elsie tried to calm her mother down, saying she was not like her father and everything was fine, but Sylvie did not believe her and proceeded to cry every time she looked at her. The following night Elsie woke up screaming from a nightmare in which she killed everybody she knew, including her family; Sylvie caught her as she almost fell out of bed and comforted her as Elsie tried to explain her dream between dry sobs. Sylvie whispered it was no wonder her daughter had dreamt about killing, as Clovis I had made her that way and he "killed everything he touched".[1]

Personality and traits[edit]

There is not much information about Sylvie's personality other than her panic outburst when her daughter returned home in an Exo body. She is shown to be caring and supportive, later comforting Elsie about her nightmare, and the newly-amnesiac Elsie remembered her "as a warm feeling" upon seeing her for the first time after her transition.[1] She held much love for her husband even despite his unfaithfulness, and decided to foster his illegitimate child as her own. The fear and hatred towards Clovis I propelled her to keep Ana's true identity from her, a decision which cost the girl a lifetime of insecurity and feeling unwanted,[4] as well as the resentment from her grandfather regarding her "genetics".[5] The grudge between Sylvie and Clovis I was mutual, the latter going so far as to blame her for his son's death.

She is known to have spoken French and hinted at possibly being Muslim.[1]

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