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"A single word is etched onto the inside of the weapon's casing: 'Soon.'"
— Weapon description
No Time To Explain
No Time to Explain.jpg
Production overview



Rarity Class:


Weapon Type:

Pulse Rifle

Required Level:


Min-Max magazine:



Feed system:


Fire mode:





Future War Cult, The Stranger, Clovis Bray


No Time To Explain is an exotic upgraded version of the The Stranger's Rifle. It is a slow-firing pulse rifle that looks very similar to the weapon given after completion of the base campaign in Destiny. The signature perk on this gun means that precision shots fired from the weapon return to the magazine, allowing for near-infinite firing if used on an enemy with a large precision hitbox and the recoil can be controlled effectively.[1]


  • Play Paradox when it is the Daily Heroic Story and complete the alternate ending:
    • Collect three Dead Ghosts left behind in the Vault of Glass by the fallen Guardian Praedyth. Dying in a Darkness Zone resets progress, returning you to the beginning of the mission.
    • Use the unlocked Vex portal to find and kill the Blighted Descendant.
    • Obtain the "Cult Ghost" from the chest and turn it in to Lakshmi-2.
  • Complete the Quest Not Forged In Light.
    • Pledge to the Future War Cult.
    • Obtain 1000 Reputation with the Future War Cult.
    • Destroy a Major or Ultra Taken Minotaur (found on Venus and Mars) to acquire a "Simulation Core".
    • Dismantle the Simulation Core (Found in the quest item bar in the inventory) and return to Lakshmi-2.
    • Defeat Atheon, Time's Conflux in the Vault of Glass Raid (any mode) to acquire Atheon's eye.
    • Dismantle the eye (found in the inventory tab under quest items) and return to Lakshmi-2.
    • Complete a mission that takes you to the Twilight Gap Crucible map:
      • Find a chest before the Darkness blinds you. Walk through Light to temporarily cleanse your vision.
    • Return to Lakshmi-2.
    • Complete a mission that takes you to the Black Garden:
      • Kill Minotaurs until the Anger meter reaches 100% to summon the Groundskeeper. Attack the Groundskeeper until it is destroyed. If Anger falls to 0% before the Groundskeeper is destroyed, refill the Anger meter to summon it again.
  • Return to Lakshmi-2 to receive No Time To Explain. The gun drops at 290 Light.

D2 Acquisition[edit]

  • Those who get the Beyond Light expansion with the release of Season 12 will be able to get the exotic pulse rifle as well as the Catalyst. (Note that further steps will be released as the Pulse Rifle releases in November)


The main perk is Rewind Again: precision shots will return to the magazine. This only counts for individual rounds in a burst that are precision hits, so tight control is needed to maximize this perk. The weapon can also fire in full auto. In another update, the intrinsic perk Headseeker is also added, in which body shots increase precision damage for a short time.


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