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Fear over the Fallen is not the future this organization was meant to combat. Your paranoia won't change my mind.

Novarro is a former member of the Future War Cult during the City Age who worked alongside Lakshmi-2 until her paranoia drove them to resign from the organization.


"Armies, we can keep out. The Guardians will hold the wall. That danger is nowhere close to the death from within that you are stoking. If it all falls apart, just remember Mithrax didn't fire the first shot. You did. Consider this my resignation."
— Novarro, in a letter to Lakshmi-2

While working on the Future War Cult's project involving a mysterious Device derived from Vex technology that allowed subjects to view possible futures, Novarro discovered records suggesting that a prototype of the device was located in a Golden Age laboratory in Tibet. Hari was dispatched with a team to investigate the information and discovered the remains of the device, which was then used to upgrade the machine.[1]

Following the sudden appearance of the No Time To Explain, Novarro was one of several members of the War Cult to analyze the weapon and determine its origins. Novarro concluded that it was the rifle of the Exo Stranger from the future, where it had been upgraded and then sent back in time.[2]

During the Endless Night, the Vanguard welcomed the Eliksni House of Light into The Last City in exchange for Mithrax, Kell of Light's aid in ending the Vex simulation. Novarro supported the Vanguard's decision and grew increasingly concerned by Director Lakshmi-2's opposition to the Eliksni, which escalated into public broadcasts that incited distrust and even violence against House Light amongst the City's population. After their children were harassed for taking food to the Eliksni enclave in the ruins of the Botza District, Novarro decided they had enough of Lakshmi's reckless decisions and could no longer serve the FWC as it spread paranoia throughout the City. They wrote a resignation letter and sent it to Lakshmi, warning the Cult's director that she was too dependent upon a Device that had driven many other cultists to madness and that although she had predicted the Red War, dozens of other prophecies had gone unfulfilled. They vowed to inform the Vanguard of what she was doing and reminded her that many former Warlords had been turned into Guardians like Lord Shaxx, suggesting that they give the Eliksni the chance to do the same. Novarro ended their letter with a final warning that if things did fall apart in the City, it would be Lakshmi's fault and not Mithrax's.[3]

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