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"How would one such as myself commit Human error when I am no longer Human?"

Hari-5 is an Exo and member of the Future War Cult.


Hari-4 would collaborate with Gonzalez and Mwangi to research anomalies in dark matter. Later as Hari-5, they would continue their research into dark matter.[1]

Lakshmi-2 would interview them about their spontaneous reset during their research, and wondered if it was caused by the research.[2] Hari-5 would later join the Future War Cult.

Novarro would discover records of a prototype of the Device in Tibet. Hari-5 would be sent to obtain what remained of it, and the remnants were implemented into the Future War Cult's version.[3]

When No Time To Explain was recovered, the Future War Cult examined the timelines to determine it's origins. Hari-5 came to the conclusion that it's origins are unidentifiable and it arrived by pure accident.[4]

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