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"Future War Cult has an artifact they call 'The Device' which may be Vex in origin."
Sister Faora, "Theories on the Vex"

"The Device", as it is referred to by the members of the Future War Cult, is a machine that allows its users to view possible futures, as well as alternate timelines.


"We built the device in mimicry of the Vex gateway systems from Ishtar. An observatory, yes, but I think of it as a mind-ship. Capable of displacing its payload across space and time."
Maya Sundaresh in a letter to Chioma Esi

The Device was designed and built by a team of scientists in Lhasa, among them Maya Sundaresh, who had left the Ishtar Academy some time prior. It was designed to emulate Vex technology that had been studied by the Ishtar Academy on Venus. [1] The Device was intended for intelligence-gathering purposes, and bore the label "SxISR" on its exterior, an abbreviation presumably indicating its status as a special asset for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance.[2]

During the initial tests of the Device, volunteer test subjects experienced a variety of disturbing visions or cognitive effects, in at least one case resulting in a suicide. A "supervisory warmind" involved with the project, presumably Rasputin or one of his subminds, developed a drug intended to help protect subjects during use of the Device, but this appears to have been ineffective. The seeming capriciousness of the Device caused many members of the research team to become superstitious, hoping that by engaging in ritualistic behavior they might encourage the Device to work more reliably.

After the Collapse, the Device came into the possession of the Future War Cult, who continued to use it and log their experiences as additions to the same journal that had been kept by Maya Sundaresh.

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