Worldline Zero

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Worldline Zero
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Production overview


Clovis Bray

Rarity Class:


Weapon Type:


Required Level:


Min-Max magazine:



Ammunition type:

Heavy Arc



Service history


Elsie Bray

"A single strike can alter the course of history."
— Weapon description

Worldline Zero is an Exotic Sword created by Elsie Bray. It can be acquired after shooting thirty-five Memory Fragments scattered around the Hellas Basin on Mars and then opening a secret cache in the Core Terminus.


  • Tesseract: While sprinting, press to perform an AoE attack. After sprinting and then jumping, press while airborne to teleport forward.
  • Tempered Edge: Increased sword damage and ammo.
  • Infinite Guard: Sword Guard has very high efficiency and balanced defense.
  • Assassin's Blade: Sword Kills boost movement speed and damage.
  • Tireless Blade: Sword ammo granted for every other powered sword kill.


Domain: cbcorpMARS
User: elbray
Password: ************
Connecting to Bray network.
You are now logged in.
> cbmail -inbox
You have 1 new message from wibray.
> cbmail -read 1
"El, congrats on your success! I saw the latest readings. This will be huge! I did have some thoughts on potential applications of your research. Let's have a chat, dinner will be on me. :-)"
> cbmail -del all
Message has been removed.
> cd /
Directory changed to root.
> sudo rm -rf /*
[sudo] Enter password for superuser> ********
Are you sure? > y
Deleting 1452832 files...
Error! 1 file HEINDX-005 could not be deleted.
1452831 files successfully deleted.
> logout
Fatal: No shell: Permission denied.


Worldline Zero is a weapon more special than it appears. The "Tesseract" ability on this weapon interacts interestingly with a Warlock's glide double jump, able to make the wielder go much farther and faster than any other non-vehicle ability. When using burst glide on a Warlock(specifically on PC due to console framerate limitations), it is possible to activate the tesseract, run towards any sharp ledge/drop, activate the tesseract ability as soon as your feet leave the ground, then immediately tap your jump to fly at high speeds, far exceeding that of a 160 speed Sparrow. This is a common tactic used in most speedruns and is not a particularly hard skill to develop.

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