Deep Stone Crypt

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Deep Stone Crypt Titan Mark.png

The Deep Stone Crypt is an infamous subroutine that seeded the first Exo consciousness. Some Exo experience flashbacks of this subroutine in the form of a dream. In the dream, a tower rests on a black plain. Some make it to the tower in peace, while others are forced to slay an army of everyone they have met in order to reach it. [1]


  • The way in which Exo's may reach the tower peacefully resembles somewhat the ancient Roman concepts of the Elysium Fields.
  • The 'dream' the android NS-5 Sonny experienced in the 2004 movie I, Robot bears similar resemblance to the manner in which the Deep Stone Crypt is described in Destiny. Bungie may have drawn inspiration from this during development.
  • The tower is mentioned by Ana Bray in one of her quotes, where she states that she knows as little about the Bray family as the Guardians do about Deep Stone Crypt.

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