Vraxus, Shadow Legion Saboteur

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Vraxus, Shadow Legion Saboteur
Biographical information




Shadow Legion




Shadow Guard Centurion

Combat information


Partition: Hard Reset


SolarS.png Slug Rifle


Summon Cabal
High Durability
Rapid Movement
KineticS.png Quake
Limited Flight
Strafe Thrusters
SolarS.png Burn
Call SolarS.png Orbital Bombardment
Deploy Bomb


Vraxus, Shadow Legion Saboteur is a large Cabal Centurion of the Shadow Legion who led a large strike force attempting to take down a vulnerable part of the CloudArk.[1]


Vraxus begins the fight standing on a platform separated from the rest of the arena. They will lay fire on the player with their Slug Rifle, and constantly summon Orbital Bombardments that can quickly kill a distracted Guardian. They will also summon several Psions to assist them. If a player sets foot on their platform, Vraxus will immediately stomp the ground and create a burning field of Solar damage. After a third of their health is lost, the Saboteur will activate an immunity shield and arm a bomb nearby, with a 30 second timer. They player will have to quickly reach it and disarm it to avoid being instantly killed. For the second portion of their health, Vraxus will act the same, though now they will be supported by Legionaries. After their second bomb is disarmed, the Saboteur will fly onto the platform as soon as they are damaged, and will try to stomp on the players or catch them in a bombardment. Exhausting Vraxus' final third of health will put them down for good.



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