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INSURRECTION PRIME, Kell's Scourge was the Prime Servitor rebuilt into an immense Brig by the Kell's Scourge, and served as the final boss of the Scourge of the Past Raid.


Insurrection Prime was the first Brig of its kind, created by Siviks, Lost to None. It served as a living embodiment of the Scourge's ideology to tear down old Eliksni traditions and establish a new age within their species through anarchy. As one of the most powerful machines ever created by the Fallen, it was equipped with destructive armaments from the Black Armory to annihilate the Last City.

Before losing the Gofannon Forge on Nessus to the Guardians, the Kell's Scourge infiltrated the Botza District of the Last City, uncovering the Black Armory Vault hidden underneath. After the Kell's Scourge plundered Vault Ebisu, they took used their new-found technology to forge a new kind of war machine. Repurposing the Vault's phase radiance technology, they created Insurrection Prime using the hull of a Fallen Walker. The monstrosity was then piloted by a Prime Servitor housed within its chassis. In response to the immediate threat, Ada-1 dispatched a fireteam of Guardians to reclaim the Vault from the Scourge forces.

After traversing the ruins of the Botza district and fighting their way through ranks of the Kell's Scourge, the fireteam arrived at the vault's location. They quickly eliminated the Defender Servitors guarding the Prime and destroyed the rigs protecting it with Phase Radiance-enhanced Drake Tanks, prompting the war machine to deploy and engage them. Aided by Berserkers, Insurrection Prime fought the fireteam as they quickly disabled its shielding and kept it staggered with their phase radiant-enhanced Drake Tanks. The Guardians unleashed their collective firepower upon its exposed Servitor core, only for the Prime to retaliate by tethering them with different Phase Radiances. In a final stand, the fireteam pooled their respective radiances together to enhance their abilities and destroy the war machine once and for all.

The remains of Insurrection Prime were never cleared from the Botza District. When the House of Light was granted the district as their own Eliksni Quarter, its wreck laid broken inside their walls. Here Eido, spoke of the Kell's Scourge as a cautionary tale about people who would take advantage of others' desperation. Eventually decorated and used as a backdrop to the Quarter's open forum, it became a symbol of a people who could forgive.


Phase 1[edit]

Insurrection Prime being upgraded with Phase Radiance, guarded by a single Insurrection Defender.

When the fireteam exits the Botza Underground and proceeds into the combat area, they will encounter a massive Insurrection Defender Servitor. They should leave it alive for now and split into two teams of three: a bottom team and a surface team.

The team at the surface has a simple task: kill the Brutal Shanks with elemental Absorption shields before they enter the bottom area, as well as the Insurrection Defender Servitor when the bottom team calls it out.

The bottom team has to run into the holes located in the four corners of the inner house structures and enter the tunnel underneath as soon as the Servitor is killed. Four different terminals that can be punched can be found down there, all sporting a different symbol and color: Triangle (blue), which gives the Angular Phase Radiance, Square (white) which gives the Parallel Phase Radiance, and Circle (pink), which gives the Continuous Phase Radiance. The fourth terminal pulsates in red and flickers between all three previously mentioned shapes; hitting this terminal triggers a wipe mechanic, so it should be left alone.

After each player in the underground area has acquired a different buff, they will call it out to the top team who will kill the Insurrection Defender and reset the terminals. The bottom team needs to once again find the same shape to punch; picking a different one will kill the player. Keep in mind that having a buff active creates a force field around the player which tethers and damages Guardians with other buffs stepping into it. The most effective way to avoid this is to rotate clockwise until everyone have found their respective terminal.

After everyone have gathered their second set of Phase Radiance, the top team should kill the Servitor to deactivate the electrical fields covering the exits. The bottom team split up and head to the three different energy stations identical to those in the first encounter. These are placed in the bottom left, bottom right and top middle of the area and spawn a Powered Drake Tank when two Phase Radiance charges are deposited. The bottom team needs take these to middle and shoot the Insurrection Prime, preferrably using the mini missiles to deal the most effective damage. The tanks have a 30 second timer and will explode once it runs out. The entire process repeats until the health bar is fully depleted and the second phase starts.

Phase 2[edit]

Insurrection Prime emerges

The second phase expands upon the mechanics of the first encounter. The fireteam should split into three teams: runner team, runner team 2 and map team. Before the encounter can be started, a Radiant Battery from a Berserker needs to be dunked in the console next to the entrance. The Insurrection Prime will then enter the arena and hammer the fireteam with several dangerous abilities. There are several shield plates that need to be destroyed on its body: two on the knees, one on the right shoulder, two on the back and one under the left arm. The team that is not running with Batteries should focus on taking down these as well as Fallen Vandals located on the rooftops.

A map similar to the one from the first encounter will appear in front of the entrance. The players once again have to locate the right Berserker and place the Batteries in the right places based on the callouts from the person monitoring the map. While this is going on, the Insurrection Prime will walk around in the middle, bombarding everyone within reach with rapid-fire Arc blasts. It also has multiple stronger abilities that it will occasionally use throughout the battle:

The first one is a volley of missiles launched into the air identical to those used by Elykris, the Machinist that track the location of the nearest player.The second one is a cannon that shoots powerful Void blasts in rapid succession, much like the ones fired by Servitors. The third one is a charged explosive shot similarly to the one on Fallen Walkers. This attack deals massive damage to players and can potentially one-shot a Guardian at lower Power Levels.

Insurrection Prime preparing to fight.

When any of these attacks are being used, an orange-red tank will appear somewhere on its back. Breaking this will stagger the Insurrection Prime, cancelling the attack and giving the fireteam more time to reach the damage phase.

After four Radiant Batteries have been successfully placed, a Drake Tank will spawn at all the tank plates around the area. One player needs to grab a tank and shoot the Insurrection Prime once to start the damage phase. The mech will kneel and the Servitor will reveal itself and its critical spot.

After a couple of seconds, the Servitor will send out an EMP blast that gives all Guardians a random debuff: Continuous, Parallel or Angular Phase Radiance. Standing together with a player with a different debuff creates a tether between them and causes damage over time, while standing together with someone with the same debuff triples the damage output. The most efficient way to utilize this is to create a triangle with three spots: C, P and A, with C to the left, P to the right and A in the back and having people switch as their debuffs changes throughout the damage phase.

After around 30 seconds, the front of the mech will close and the entire encounter starts over again until the Insurrection Prime is dead, thus marking the end of the Raid. If four damage phases have passed and the Prime is still alive, it will Enrage and wipe the fireteam.


  • Unlike any other enemy in the Destiny franchise, Insurrection Prime's name is in all caps in the killcam apart from its allegiance to the Kell's Scourge.
  • The mech bears a resemblance to Metal Gear Rex of the Metal Gear Solid series, and further possible inspiration taken into its design may include:
  • Insurrection Prime is the first Brig seen in the Destiny franchise and the first Servitor observed commandeering a vehicle of any kind. It is also the first Servitor Raid boss.
    • In Beyond Light, a new enemy-class is introduced called Brigs inspired by the war machine. However Brigs are fully mechanical and not piloted by a Servitor.
  • Parts from various different Fallen technologies can been seen throughout the mech, with its head plate being taken from a Fallen Walker, as well as one of its weapons.
  • The word "Insurrection" means a violent uprising against authority, essentially rising against the traditional ways of the Fallen. It is one of the few Fallen to not bear a traditional name ending with -sis, -is, or -iks, demonstrating its abandonment of tradition.
  • Aside from the raid lairs, Insurrection Prime is the sole boss (that needed to be damaged) of the entire main raid.
  • The core of the Prime Servitor bears a resemblance to the Mad Warden.
  • Insurrection Prime is one of few raid bosses that has multiple encounters. Among them being Aksis, Archon Prime, Vosik, the Archpriest, Argos, Planetary Core, and Consecrated Mind, Sol Inherent.
  • In the Livestream Raid Along, the developers stated that the wipe mechanic is big enough to destroy the entire Last City.[1]


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