Lost Forges

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Lost Forges are weapon forges created by the Black Armory during the Golden Age. Three of the forges were lost during the Collapse, while a fourth, the Volundr Forge, remained active and run by Ada-1 until the Red War. Control of the Volundr Forge was regained by the Black Armory with the aid of the Young Wolf.

List Of Lost Forges[edit]

Lost Forge Character Level Power Level Location Expansion/Update PlayStation Exclusive Forge Protectors Forge Wardens Lost Forge Specific Loot Enemy Type
Volundr Forge 50 610-630 EDZ, Earth Black Armory No Unknown Ghalak the Colossus, Forge Warden Le Monarque Cabal
Gofannon Forge 50 610-630 Arcadian Valley, Nessus Black Armory No Serekis-9, Kell's Scourge Zevious-3, Forge Warden Le Monarque Fallen
Izanami Forge 50 610-630 Arcadian Valley, Nessus Black Armory No Aegion, Deductive Mind Sublimating Mind, Forge Warden Le Monarque Vex
Bergusia Forge 50 650 EDZ, Earth Black Armory No Siviks, Lost to None The Black Recluse, Forge Warden Jötunn Fallen

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