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"Vex encryption. Unbreakable? Ha, so they say."
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Izanami Forge



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"When fire blooms from long-dormant steel, it heralds the rise of the Black Armory."
— Ada-1

The Izanami Forge is one of the four Black Armory forges, one of two that came from the Exodus Black. It is located in The Tor on Nessus, having been stolen from the wreckage of the Exodus Black by the Vex. It is overseen by the Sublimating Mind, Forge Warden.

Inspired by the Satou Tribe and their Japanese roots, the Izanami Forge specializes in crafting handling-based weapons, including The Spiteful Fang Bow and the Blast Furnace Pulse Rifle.


As in the other Forges Ignitions, the main goal of the activity is to throw Radiant Batteries at the central Forge until it is charged. The activity is split into three phases: two phases titled "Charge the forge", and a final, boss phase titled "Defeat the Forge Warden". Both charging phases have a timer which initially begins at one minute, whereas the final phase begins at two minutes. The timer can be increased by defeating Phased and other enemies, where Elite enemies provide 4 seconds and Major enemies provide 10 seconds upon death.

Due to the wide gapped landscape surrounding the forge, players must either jump across or traverse using the lifts on the corners of the isles getting between each island platform to kill Phased enemies, collect Radiant Batteries, and tossing them across to the center island with the forge to charge.

Charge the Forge I[edit]

During the first phase of the activity, the Forge accepts Radiant Batteries through any part of its hitbox. Elite Hobgoblins will spawn on top of both the far left and far right islands for sniper fire, while groups of Harpies and Phased Goblins spawn constantly across the map. Meanwhile, Elite Phased Minotaurs with Void shields will often spawn and chase down the nearest player with their Torch Hammer and melee.

It is highly recommend to have each player in the fireteam positioned on a different island. While Phased enemies are not spawned as frequently at the center, the players at the right and left islands must kill Phased Goblins and Minotaurs, collect their Radiant Batteries, and toss them to across to the center island for the remaining player to collect and charge the forge.

Charge the Forge II[edit]

Once 20 Batteries have been thrown at the Forge, the second phase starts with an initial timer of one minute. The hitbox of the Forge changes: the three arms will open slightly, and only the glowing main body will accept Batteries. Swarms of Fanatics will spawn around the map, which detonate in close proximity and leaves pools of radiolarian fluid for area denial. Major Phased Minotaurs and Elite Phased Harpies with Vex Laser Rifles will also appear in groups of two or three. More dangerously, Major Cyclops also spawn that can inflict major damage if they are not destroyed immediately.

Defeat the Forge Warden[edit]



  • Izanami is a deity from Shinto mythology who carried the children of her husband Izanagi, many of whom would go on to become the main islands of Japan.

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