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Volundr Forge



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European Dead Zone

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"When fire blooms from long-dormant steel, it heralds the rise of the Black Armory."
— Ada-1

The Volundr Forge is one of the four Black Armory forges, which was previously in the possession of the Armory prior to the Red Legion claiming it during the Red War. It is located in Smidur's Cavern in the European Dead Zone. Its Forge Warden is Ghalak the Colossus, Forge Warden.

Inspired after the Rasmussen Clan and their Nordic roots, the Volundr Forge specializes in crafting power-based weapons including The Ringing Nail Auto Rifle, the Hammerhead Machine Gun, and the Stryker's Sure-Hand Sword.


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  • Volundr is an Old Norse name for Wayland, a master blacksmith seen in Germanic mythology.

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