Voxelos, Taken by the Witness

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Voxelos, Taken by the Witness
Voxelos, Taken by the Witness.jpg
Biographical information






Taken Minotaur

Combat information


Overthrow: The Blooming


SolarS.png Taken Torch Hammer


Summon Taken
High Durability
Rapid Movement
KineticS.png Temporal Shockwave
Immunity Shield


Voxelos, Taken by the Witness is a Taken Minotaur attempting to corrupt the Blooming within the Pale Heart.


Voxelos, Taken by the Witness serves as one of the possible final bosses of the Overthrow activity within the Blooming. It will appear underneath the Tree of Silver Wings and will summon Taken forces for assistance. Upon losing one third of its health, Voxelos will gain an Immunity Shield while Swarms of Hive arrive to the battlefield. To dispel Voxelos's shield, the Guardian must kill Revenant Cursed Thralls to cause a pool of mist to appear. They must step within the pool to fill up their Volatile Fetor bar until they receive the buff, which will last for 19 seconds and allow them to pierce Voxelos's shield upon interacting with the white circle surrounding it. With its shield shattered, Voxelos will retreat further into the tree. Once Voxelos loses two thirds of its health, its Immunity Shield will return, forcing the Guardian to repeat the previous process until the encounter is complete.