Infernal Ogre

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Infernal Ogre
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Biographical information




Savathûn's Brood
Hidden Swarm





Combat information


Lighting the Dark
Warsat Down Public Event (Moon)
Warsat Down Public Event (Cosmodrome)


Summon Hive
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Void Eye Blast
Ground Slam
Berserker Rage


The Infernal Ogre are an Ultra variant of the Hive Ogre employed by broods across the Sol System


This Hive monstrosity was first seen in the Solarium during the Lighting the Dark Mission, fending off the Fallen crew lead by Mithrax, the Forsaken. The creature is either killed by The Guardian or the Fallen, or is avoided by the Guardian and left alive to roam the halls of the Solarium.[1]

Infernal Ogres are also utilized by the Hidden Swarm and the broods of the Cosmodrome. They are deployed to capture crashed Warsats and scatter any Guardians attempting to defend them.[2]. To make them appear, players must destroy three Shriekers, that only open up after Ugul Gar Wizards are slain, that only appear after Swordbearer Nightmares are slain. The Ogres will be accompanied by large amounts of reinforcements, including Knights with Arc Absorption Shields. They have high health and damage, but a team of Guardians can quickly burst them down, completing the event.


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