Mithrax, Kell of Light

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Mithrax, the Forsaken
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Mithrax, the Forsaken
Kell of Light
The Light Kell
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House of Wolves (formerly)
House of Dusk (formerly)
Spider's Crime Syndicate (associate)[1]
House of Light
Last City







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Chances and Choices
Zero Hour


Shock Blades
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Arc Energy Shield
High Durability
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Guard Reactor

"Wolves rebel. Now, Wolves extinct. This where-live mine-things scatter must end. I will Kell the mind-open Eliksni. No spider-tricks. No loyal-lies. Variisis truths. We fight for Great Machine together."
— Mithrax

Mithrax, Kell of Light (formerly known as Mithrax, the Forsaken) is a Fallen Kell and a former Captain of the House of Dusk who later founded the House of Light after deciding to ally with the The Last City, following an encounter with The Young Wolf.


Meeting with Sjur[edit]

At one point Mithrax, then a Vandal of the House of Wolves, was held in captivity by Sjur Eido. After a failed attempt at escaping her clutches and trying to commit suicide, Sjur befriends the captive Fallen by performing a traditional Eliksni display of armistice much to Mithrax's surprise. As they exchange names and Misraaks becomes Mithrax, he is introduced to the Dreaming City. Sjur becomes so renowned among the Eliksni they called her Siyuriks pak Variisis ("Sjur, the Unyielding") and forms an early alliance by giving Amethyst crystals as political gifts to their Archons.

Enemy Of My Enemy[edit]

After the SIVA Crisis, Mithrax would leave his wolf-born house and join the House of Dusk along with the remainder of his Fallen brethren. Guardians will encounter Mithrax and his crew in Chances and Choices as both parties compete to access an ancient methane reactor. Various Barricade Servitors and the High Servitor Selkis, the Obstructor are put in the way to prevent the Guardians from reaching the core, along with local Hive forces swarming the complex attacking both. Mithrax is later seen dueling against a Hive Knight in which Guardians are given a choice in who to kill. Killing the Hive Knight and sparing Mithrax will trigger an alternative ending in which he'll thank the Guardians with an Eliksni display of respect similar to Sjur's ages ago. He disappears and grants the player access to the reactor.

Alliance with the Guardians[edit]

While not physically appearing in Forsaken, sparing him is revealed to be the canon choice; Having been touched by Sjur's display of humility and the Guardians' mercy, he defects from the House of Dusk and swears allegiance to the Last City, eventually joining a fireteam of Guardians. He has also founded the unofficial House of Light to lead the more open-minded Eliksni as their Kell, arguing for the sake that humanity, not the Fallen, have proven befitting of the Traveler and its gifts.[2] [3]

Zero Hour[edit]

Later on, in the Season of the Drifter, Mithrax beckons Guardians to The Farm using a Fallen Transponder. Interacting with Mithrax takes both him and The Guardian to the Old Tower to complete the mission Zero Hour where they chase down House of Devils loyalists who have stolen preserved SIVA tech from a Cryptarch Vault deep inside. The group is in search of the weapon known as Outbreak Perfected, a Destiny 2 version of the famed Rise of Iron weapon, Outbreak Prime. Led by Siriks, Loyal to Eramis, the group is defeated before they could escape The Last City. After Siriks is defeated, Mithrax jumps onto a Fallen Skiff and once again disappears.

Beyond Light[edit]

Mithrax sent vague reports to the Last City regarding activities occurring around no go area near Golden Age stations on Europa. He states there is "something that cannot be stolen from" which is a Eliksni reference to the Darkness as they "cannot take from the dark you can claim only pain".[4]

As the Guardians travel to Europa and discover Eramis and her House of Salvation utilizing a power of Darkness, Stasis, to give them power, they work alongside Variks to bring down her upstart empire. During their campaign, the Guardians aid refugee Fallen who fear and disagree with the Kell of Darkness, in fleeing from Europa. Variks directs these refugees to Mithrax and his House of Light, believing that he will see them safely and give them hope for a better and peaceful future.

Characteristics and Traits[edit]

Originally, Mithrax was similar to any other Fallen Captain the Guardians have encountered but is is very determined and elusive. However, after a direct confrontation with the Guardian on Titan, where they battled against the Hive together, a change occurred within Mithrax. Having become disillusioned with the Fallen's current ways of scrounging and fighting amongst each other has made them unworthy of the Traveler and its Light, thereby believing that the Guardians and humanity are more deserving of it. Since defecting to the Last City and creating his own House, Mithrax has proven to be an ally, albeit an elusive and secretive one.

Variks stated that while Mithrax is young for a Kell and untested, he and his allies dare to hope that he will bring the Eliksni people to a better tomorrow.


  • Mithrax is the second Fallen that doesn't fight the player, the first being Variks, the Loyal, and the third being The Spider.
    • He is also among those depicted speaking human language, albeit only in Lore tabs.
    • Mithrax is the first enemy combatant in the series to later become an ally of the Guardian.
  • The name Mithrax is possibly derived from the Roman god Mithras, which is related to the similar Indian/Zoroastrian deity named Mitra and means "friend" or "friendship". "Mithrax" is also the name of a genus of spider crabs in the family Mithracidae.
    • Forsaken means "to abandon", "to desert", implying that Mithrax has abandoned his Fallen brethren for a different pursuit.
    • According to the lore tab for the Lord of Wolves in Forsaken, Mithrax's name is properly transliterated from Eliksni as "Misraaks"; "Mithrax" is the result of human mispronunciation.
      • This can also be seen after completion of the 28th Step of the Beyond Light Campaign Quest, where Variks refers to him as "Misraaks".
  • Despite wearing Devil’s colors for the heist, the clothes still bear the House of Dusk’s symbols.
  • In Shadowkeep, there is a Nightmare that can be encountered in Anchor of Light titled as Nightmare of Horkis, Fear of Mithrax.



  • "The Wolves rebelled. Now, they are extinct. This is where my people’s Scatter must end. I will lead the open-minded Eliksni. None of Spider’s tricks, or Variks' lies. Unyielding truths. Sjur Eido’s (Syuriks pak Variisis) truths. We fight for the Traveler together."


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