Ei Haaruz, Retainer of Savathûn

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Ei Haaruz, Retainer of Savathûn
Biographical information




Lucent Brood





Combat information


Mission: Invoke
Altars of Summoning


ArcS.png Darkness Blast
Summon Hive
High Durability
Midair Levitation
Rapid Flight
Immunity Shield


Ei Haaruz, Retainer of Savathûn is a Hive Wizard who is encountered in Mission: Invoke and in the Altars of Summoning.


Ei Haaruz is a simplistic but dangerous opponent. Her only personal offensive move is the Darkness Blast, but it is fired with incredible speed and precision. Coupled with her reinforcements, which can include hordes of Acolytes, Revenant Cursed Thrall, trios of Shriekers, and multiple Lightbearer Knights and Acolytes depending on the power of the deposited offering, players will find themselves under constant fire.

Ei Haruuz is initially protected by an Immunity Shield. To deactivate it, players have to charge all the Arc Crystals scattered in the arena, which can be done by taking the charge from an electrified crystal with a melee attack, then moving to melee another uncharged crystal before the time is up. If the encounter was started with a Robust or stronger offering, there will be a Lucent Conduit Wizard next to each crystal. Once all the crystals have been charged, Ei Haaruz's shield will deactivate, and she will remain vulnerable, though she summons a larger horde of reinforcements.

During Mission: Invoke, this encounter is in a Darkness Zone, while in Altars of Summoning it has a five minute time limit during, encouraging players to hasten their movement.