Macuii, Herald of the Plague

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Macuii, Herald of the Plague
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Combat information


Blind Well (Tier 2 and 3, Week 1)


Arc Overcharged Ether
Summon Scorn
High Durability
Immunity Shield
Arc Ground Slam


Macuii, Herald of the Plague is a Scorn Abomination encountered in the Blind Well. It serves as a subordinate to Sikariis, Plague of the Well and Varkuuriis, Plague of the Well and can be seen with Itzlii, Herald of the Plague and Tezcaa, Herald of the Plague.[1]


Macuii assaults the Blind Well during Week 1 of the Dreaming City Curse. It acts as one of the bosses of the Tier 2 difficulty alongside Itzlii, and the two are joined by Tezcaa for the Tier 3 difficulty. In both cases, it will take position on the right of the well, if looking from the entrance. Like the other Heralds of the Plague, Macuii is protected by an immunity shield that can only be broken by damage from a player benefiting from the "Harmony" buff, which can be acquired by collecting the orbs dropped by the Anathemas. Heavy firepower is recommended to bring the Abomination down.


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