Dul Arath, Retainer of Xivu Arath

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Dul Arath, Retainer of Xivu Arath
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Hive Splinter


Acolyte Grenade
Burning Effect
High Durability
Fist of Darkness
Wrathborn Shield
Summon Hive


Dul Arath, Retainer of Xivu Arath is a corrupted Hive Wrathborn general serving Xivu Arath, God of War. Sometime following its corruption, the Spider tasked the Guardian to end the Knight and putting it out of its misery.


To encounter Dul Arath, players must first place a lure on a Cryptolith found in the Divalian Mists.

The lure will attract a Hive Wrathborn Ogre and after depleting its health, it will abandon the Cryptolith and retreat. Players are then tasked with preventing its escape by locating its lair in Dreaming City. A quest beacon will pop up and allow them to start the "Track the Wrathborn" activity. Players are recommended to read the through the modifiers and be of 1150+ Light level before they begin their hunt.

The activity starts at Garden of Esila and players need to defeat the nearby Hive before place another lure by the Cryptolith. The Wrathborn Ogre will re-emerge with its depleted health and defeating it will summon a larger Wrathborn.

Dul Arath, Retainer of Xivu Arath will spawn with an immunity shield alongside Wrathborn corrupted Knights. Killing these Knights will allow players gain the buff “Wrathful” by standing inside the green pool they drop. This buff will enable them deal damage to the Hive Knight. If players were to leave the pool, the buff will last for four seconds until they have to kill another Knight to regain the buff. It is recommended players remain in the pool for as long as possible and use long range weapons to counter Dul Arath's teleporting abilities and defeat the Hive Knight for good.




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