Divalian Mists

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Divalian Mists
Divalian Mists.jpeg


Dreaming City

Enemy factions:

Hive (Week 2)
Scorn (Week 1 and 3)

Connecting areas:

Spine of Keres
The Strand
Bay of Drowned Wishes
Tower of Opened Eyes
Font of Starlight

Area type:


Public Events:

Taken Blight
Ether Ritual

Patrol beacons:



The Divalian Mists is the only landing zone in the Dreaming City. Guardians have to spawn here in order to reach Rheasilvia and The Strand, as well as the Spine of Keres and the Blind Well. The Lost Sector Bay of Drowned Wishes can be found directly behind the spawn point. Petra Venj can be found here during the second week of the three-week Taken curse cycle. Normally, the Taken and Scorn fight for supremacy in the area, but the Hive take the place of the corrupted Fallen in the second week of the curse.[1]


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Public Events
Lost Sectors
World Events
  • Enemies move against each other (Scorn vs Taken) (Week 1 and 3)
  • Enemies move against each other (Scorn vs Hive) (Week 2)
  • High-Value Targets
  • Invasion Blight
  • Double Trouble
  • Cat Statues
  • Corrupted Eggs
  • Riddle Chest


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