Taken Blight (Public Event)

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Taken Blight


European Dead Zone
Dreaming City




Repel a Taken incursion.

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This article is about the Public Event. For the Taken corruption source, see Blight.

Taken Blight is a Public Event that occurs in European Dead Zone, Io and the Dreaming City. A massive Blight appears in an area, drawing out Taken that attempt to corrupt it.[1][2][3]


  • Kill Taken to sting the Blight.
    • Blight integrity X%


  • Destroy the Blightmaker and dispel the Taken.


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A massive spherical Blight will appear in one of three areas, alongside a smaller, hemispherical Blight. Inside the smaller Blight, Taken will start spawning, surrounded by a glow. Killing these Taken will draw their essence into the larger Blight, damaging a percentage of its integrity. Once its integrity reaches zero, it will disappear and reappear in another location, creating two smaller Blights and more, stronger enemies. Depleting its integrity once again will cause the Blight to move to the final location and summon even more Taken. Once depleted in this final location, the event will be completed.

Heroic Event - Defeat the Blightmaker[edit]

When a player enters then leaves the smaller Blights, they will gain the "Blight Receding" buff for five seconds. While they have this buff, they can damage the giant Blight, which has a very large amount of health. Once it has been damaged enough, the Blight will disappear and summon its creator, a giant Ultra called the Blightmaker. However, it's also been observed that the giant Blight is much weaker after it has relocated twice. Defeating this boss will complete the event.



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