Qeldron, Keeper

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Qeldron, Keeper
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Grove of Ulan-Tan


"Ah, this is rich! This is one that the Vanguard wants brought in! What do you think, my friend, shall I charge them triple?"
The Spider

Qeldron, Keeper was a Vex Minotaur encountered in the Grove of Ulan-Tan Lost Sector in Echo Mesa, Io. Queldron later became a WANTED enemy once Forsaken was released.


Qeldron was a prisoner of the Prison of Elders but once Variks, the Loyal started a prison riot, Qeldron and many other prisoners fled into the solar system. Qeldron in particular fled to Io and into the Lost Sector known as the Grove of Ulan-Tan to begin repairing the Vex presence on Io. The Vex mind was hunted and exterminated by Glimmer-hungry Guardians who took a bounty from the Spider, hunting down Qeldron on behalf of the Vanguard.

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