Qeldron, Keeper

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Qeldron, Keeper
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Unidentified Vex collective


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Grove of Ulan-Tan

"Ah, this is rich! This is one that the Vanguard wants brought in! What do you think, my friend, shall I charge them triple?"
The Spider

Qeldron, Keeper is a Vex Minotaur encountered in the Grove of Ulan-Tan Lost Sector in Echo Mesa, Io. You can obtain the related WANTED: Quest from The Spider on The Tangled Shore. Qeldron is just one of a dozen or so escapees sought out with reward, from the Prison Of Elders & of which Spider offers Guardians the bounty in echange for a handful of Ghost Fragments [ 1 to 5, depending on the difficulty ] should you choose to pursue & terminate the target.

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 > > via: WANTED: Qeldron, Keeper bounty (aquired from The Spider found on the Tangled Shore