Hagios, Reverent Mind

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Hagios, Reverent Mind
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Not Even the Darkness


VoidS.png Torch Hammer


Summon Vex
High Durability
Rapid Movement
KineticS.png Temporal Shockwave


"It looks like the Infinite Forest laid him to rest. Built him a... memorial. Did the Vex learn to respect him?"
The Ghost

Hagios, Reverent Mind was a large Vex Descendant Minotaur that was encountered in the Simulant Future as the final boss of the Not Even the Darkness Mission. Its purpose was to guard the inner sanctum where the tomb to Saint-14 was located, before it was destroyed by the Guardian.[1]


Once you have reached the Simulant Future within the Infinite Forest, you will have to fight through the forces of the Sol Imminent guarding the area, as well as scan the Vex codes in the Confluxes located throughout it. After you have done this, the confluxes will teleport to the entrance of the tomb, where Hagios will then arrive to stomp out the incursion, followed by several Descendant reinforcements. The Axis Mind can move around quite quickly, given its size, and comes equipped with a Torch Hammer, and will rapidly bombard you with powerful Void projectiles. If the player gets too close, it will create a massive shock wave by stomping the ground, launching you away from the boss and causing a significant amount of damage. The surrounding confluxes are capable of emitting giant shield domes for Hagios to take cover beneath, rendering long-ranged attacks completely ineffective and forcing you to get closer in order to continue fighting. The boss itself, however, is quite lacking in durability and can be finished off almost immediately with a Super or a strong power weapon. After the Reverent Mind has been destroyed, the player will gain access to Saint-14's tomb, where you may acquire the Lost Prophecy, Another Verse Tablet from the fallen Titan's body.



  • The Minotaur's name, 'Hagios', is the Greek word for 'Saint' or 'Holy', named such as the Vex's way of paying homage to Saint-14.
    • This is further proven by its title of 'Reverent Mind' – reverent meaning: to feel or display deep respect for something or someone.

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