Not Even the Darkness

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Signal Light



Not Even the Darkness


Destiny 2


Curse of Osiris



Recommended Power Level:



Fields of Glass, Mercury
Infinite Forest, Mercury
Simulant Future, Mercury


• Search for Saint-14
• Destroy the Vex
• Enter the stronghold
• Recover Saint-14's personal effects

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"Enter the Infinite Forest in pursuit of Saint-14."
— Mission description

Not Even the Darkness was the second and final Mission of the Mercury World Quest, Legends Lost.[1]


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(Mission Begins)

  • Ghost: Yes! I have a reading on Saint-14's location. Hold on, we're coming for you.
  • Brother Vance: Bring him back to us, Guardian. Saint-14 is a primary source for the early Osiris years. He will be able to settle some... let's just call them "differences of opinion in which one side is wrong."
  • Ghost: We'll get right on that, Vance...

The Guardian moves through the gateway to the Infinite Forest.

  • Ghost: If Saint-14 has been lost all this time, do you think he's OK?
  • Sagira: Nothing could stop that old Exo. Probably lecturing a Vex? Titan lectures – long speeches, occasionally punching.
  • Ghost: Should be fine.

The Guardian fights their way through the branches of the Infinite Forest until they reach the Simulant Future of Mercury.

  • Ghost: This place looks inviting.
  • Sagira: Oh. Yeah. You missed our first trip here. Vex are quite the decorators, aren't they.

The Guardian explores the Simulant Future while battling the Vex Descendants.

  • Ghost: There! The signal is coming from beyond that gate.

The Guardian has the Ghost scan a Vex conflux, which teleports away afterward.

  • Ghost: And it moved. Definitely a temporal disruption.

The Guardian relocates the conflux and has the Ghost scan it again, before it teleports again.

  • Osiris: If Saint-14 was threatened, he would attack. And he would not have known how easy it is to be cast adrift in these... realities.
  • Ghost: Then we'll find him and bring him home.

The Guardian once again tracks down the conflux to scan it, before it moves again. After following it to the gate, it disappears, before several confluxes appear around them. Hagios, Reverent Mind, arrives to fend off the intruder.

  • Ghost: A Minotaur. Are they trying to keep us out, or him in?
  • Sagira: Both? Take out the Mind, take down the gate. It's true in pretty much every reality.

The Guardian successfully destroys the Reverent Mind and scans the conflux one last time to open the gate, before entering the tomb.

  • Ghost: What happened...? Vex. Thousands of them.

The Guardian approaches the body of Saint-14.

  • Ghost: Saint-14's Light... it's gone.
  • Osiris: Rest in peace, my friend.
  • Sagira: Osiris... I'm so sorry.
  • Ghost: I... I think we should leave him here. It looks like the Infinite Forest laid him to rest. Built him a... memorial. Did the Vex learn to respect him?

The Guardian recovers the Prophecy Tablet from Saint.

  • Ghost: I don't think I ever told you this, but Saint-14 was one of the first Guardians I ever met, even before I found you. I always hoped you'd turn out like him. I wasn't disappointed. You were a good friend, Saint. Goodbye.

(Mission Ends)



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