A Deadly Trial

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"Brother Vance says there's a Temple of Osiris in the EDZ where you can revive Sagira."
— Mission Description


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A Deadly Trial
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Destiny 2


Curse of Osiris




EDZ, Earth


Revive Sagira

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A Deadly Trial is the second story mission of the Curse of Osiris expansion.


  • Rendezvous with the Followers of Osiris to revive Sagira.
  • Clear the roadblock - Overcome the Fallen Walker
  • Rendezvous with the Followers of Osiris to revive Sagira - Search the temple.
  • Revive Sagira - Place the shell of Sagira, Osiris' Ghost, into the mysterious device.



  • Ikora: "Hawthorne's scouts surveyed that area in the Red War. There's no temple there. Just an old radio tower."
  • Ghost: "Have a little faith, Ikora."

The Guardian clears out Maevic Square and begins to head towards the temple.

  • Ghost: "So, are the Followers all as… "passionate" as Brother Vance?"
  • Ikora: "You mean fanatical. Yes. They follow the idea of Osiris. They do not know the man as I did. But they're our best chance to revive Sagira."

Following the coordinates through the ruins of the EDZ, the Guardian engages numerous Fallen. Further along the way, the Guardian is impeded by a Fallen Walker but promptly destroys it and continues to the temple.

  • Ghost: "I feel bad for anyone who has to live out here."
  • Ikora: "Osiris would say it's a trial. If his Followers can't survive here, they aren't worthy to begin with."

Upon reaching the coordinates, the Guardian finds that the temple is an abandoned radio tower.

  • Ghost: "It really is just a radio tower. And the Fallen got here first."
  • Ikora: "That's what faith in Osiris gets you."

Clearing out the surrounding area, the Guardian makes their way up the tower and down a shaft to a poorly lit room littered with corpses.

  • Ghost: "The Followers! We're too late."

Unphased by the bodies, the Guardian approaches a machine bearing the Follower's symbol and a cavity fit for Sagira's shell.

  • Ghost: "Let me take a closer look This is heavily modified Vex tech. I've never seen anything like it before. Let me try something… Wait… Something's happening. What is…"

Sagira's shell begins to glow and a strange light passes onto Ghost.

  • Sagira: "...going on?! Whoa! New shell. Who…? Did you actually just put me in a strange machine you've never seen before? Who does that?"
  • Ikora: "Sagira!"
  • Sagira: "Ikora! Great! Glad you're still around. Look we've gotta move. Right now. Osiris is in over his head, as usual, and I need to… Wait… Where are we? Who are you? Ugh, never mind. We've gotta get to Mercury. And don't worry about your Ghost. We're… sharing right now. He'll be back."

{Mission ends}


Fallen - House of Dusk

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