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"This is what your speculating has wrought, Luzaku! You have failed, and now the tides of the universe will erode you into meaningless dust. All that you could have become has slipped through your fumbling fingers! The Guardian will return, flush and hungry from his death. And then? Then, you will be dead. Aiat."
Euloch, Luzaku's Ghost

Luzaku is a Hive Lightbearer of the Lucent Brood, partnered with the Ghost, Euloch.


After dying at the hands of a Guardian, Luzaku was resurrected by a Ghost, Euloch, who encouraged them to return the favor by killing the "heretic," and become stronger through the Sword Logic like he had done from murdering them. Arming themselves with a Shredder, the newly-risen Lightbearer attacked their killer and managed to eliminate him. Euloch promptly warned them of his Ghost, who quickly managed to resurrect its partner. Luzaku dodged the incoming bullets and returned fire with their weapon until the enemy was once again dead. Seizing the opposing Ghost out of the air, Euloch praised the Lightbearer and told them to crush it in order to gain power from its destruction. However, Luzaku hesitated to do so and looked to their partner, who became impatient and insisted that they destroy it, stating that their "understanding comes in vanquishing the thing." In spite of these words, Luzaku let go of the Ghost and allowed it to escape. Euloch, enraged by the act of mercy, rebuked their partner for their naivety, telling them the Guardian would return and kill them.[1]