The Blooming Deep

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The Blooming Deep
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The Pale Heart, The Traveler

Enemy factions:

The Dread

Hostile races:


Connecting areas:

The Blooming


Area type:

Lost Sector


The Blooming Deep is an Lost Sector located within The Pale Heart that is occupied by the Dread and Taken. It features multiple small and enclosed gaps and caverns within the Blooming's Cradle filled with greenery and multiple trees and branches, with a small, budding Tree of Silver Wings located in the Lost Sector's last area. Unique about this Lost Sector is that players are assisted by a friendly Lightbearer Wizard named Luzaku from the Lucent Brood, who is seen attacking the Taken and Dread forces in this area.


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Upon clearing the Lost Sector.

  • Luzaku: The Sky greets you.
  • Ghost: Luzaku, you haven't rejoined the other Lucent Hive.
  • Lukazu: No. This one seeks different truths. This one will follow her own path.
  • Ghost: And Savathûn is OK with that?
  • Luzaku: The Witch Queen does not desire control; and yet, freedom is a prison, and choice is a cage of our own making.
  • Ghost: I... don't understand.
  • Luzaku: Neither does this one. But in time, all things can be revealed.
  • Ghost: We'll leave you to your contemplation, then.
  • Luzaku: Walk in the Sky, Ghost.


  • Luzaku: The Sky greets you.
  • Savathûn: Look at you, all moved out and living on your own.
  • Luzaku: This one will not be goaded by your taunts, Sky Mother.
  • Savathûn: It's not a taunt, honey. It's praise. You might be the first of my brood to actually understand.
  • Luzaku: Understand?
  • Savathûn: That you don't need me. That you never have. The Hive should have been more than the hierarchal mess we've become. You see it. You're reaching out for your own truth. Whether it kills you or not.
  • Luzaku: What is death to us now but a chance to grow?
  • Savathûn: And what is beyond death? Beyond life? Noodle on that one, sweetie.


  • Luzaku: The Sky greets you.
  • Mara Sov: The Lucent Hive's very own Black Swan Event. Greetings, Luzaku. I am Queen Mara of the Awoken.
  • Luzaku: This one knows of you, queen of Light and Dark. But this one does not know "swan".
  • Mara Sov: For our conversation, it is a metaphor used to describe an impactful, unexpected event that is later rationalised with the benefit of hindsight. You are an outlier, I am guilty of rationalizing. Giving a definition to your existence and purpose to fit my own biases.
  • Luzaku: And what has the queen of Light and Dark defined?
  • Mara Sov: That you are a component of a piece of logic, I am only now beginning to fully understand... That you are a part of something greater. A component of a bomb yet to detonate, that in isolation defies knowing... And in this, I concede to my own biases. You defy definition.
  • Luzaku: This one is intrigued by your perspective. Perhaps we should contemplate these possibilities together.
  • Mara Sov: Perhaps, in time... But I am not yet ready to put my emotions aside. I doubt many are.


  • Luzaku: The Sky greets you.
  • Caiatl: You will address me as Empress, and you will answer my questions. What is the Witch Queen planning here? Where is her sister, Xivu Arath?
  • Luzaku: This one knows not the answers you seek, but... understands your anger.
  • Caiatl: Do not presume to understand my anger, you disgusting creature. My homeworld lays in ruin because of your kind!
  • Luzaku: No.
  • Caiatl: What did you just say?
  • Luzaku: The Hive were a sword wielded by the Witness. It was the Witness' hand that cleaved your world in twain. It was the Witness who lied to us. Robbed us of the Sky and our homeworld. Our destiny.
  • Caiatl: You do not know my loss.
  • Luzaku: Then perhaps we can both learn?
  • Caiatl: No.


  • Luzaku: The Sky greets you.
  • Mithrax: I greet you in the Light, Guardian. I apologize if my decorum is... lacking. It is difficult to trust your kind.
  • Luzaku: This one understands. This one does not judge. It is how the Humans must have felt on seeing you, Kell of the Sky.
  • Mithrax: Ah. Yes, that... that is true. Tell me, Luzaku, what is it you are doing here?
  • Luzaku: Contemplating the Light, and this one's role in it. The future is full of terrifying possibilities. This one feels both free, and shackled to a destiny of others' making.
  • Mithrax: A sense of burden I have heard echoed in other Guardians, yes. So, you seek to gain understanding through this contemplation?
  • Luzaku: Yes. Understanding of the universe, of one's self, of one's place in the universe. All is possible in the Light.
  • Mithrax: I would very much like it if we could discuss this... philosophy more in the future. I do not want this opportunity for diplomacy to pass.
  • Luzaku: This one would like that. Walk in the Light.
  • Mithrax: To you as well, Guardian.


  • Luzaku: The Sky greets you.
  • Zavala: So it's true. Then you've turned against Savathûn?
  • Luzaku: No. Brood is family. Fighting would solve nothing. Conflict is the sword's lie. This one will find another way.
  • Zavala: You want to change the hearts of the Lucent Hive? You think you can do that?
  • Luzaku: None know their limits until they try. To admit defeat before attempt is folly.
  • Zavala: That's... wise. Do you intend to stay here then, with the Traveler?
  • Luzaku: This one will remain until such a time as the truth is revealed.
  • Zavala: What truth is that?
  • Luzaku: This one will not know... until she finds it. Such is life.


  • Luzaku: The Sky greets you.
  • Ikora Rey: Luzaku, there's a report I have of an Acolyte with your name that once spared a Guardian during the first assault by the Lucent Brood on Mars. But I see a Wizard here before me. With a normal Hive, I'd assume you'd taken on a new morph. But we know so little about Hive Lightbearers. Are you the same Luzaku?
  • Luzaku: This one is Luzaku. This one was reforged — for a purpose. Now this one seeks to understand that purpose.
  • Ikora Rey: You're saying the Light changed you?
  • Luzaku: After passing through the threshold and arriving here... this one was changed.
  • Ikora Rey: How? Why?
  • Luzaku: This one does not know. But this one welcomes you to join her in contemplation on it.
  • Ikora Rey: Perhaps... another time. Thank you, Lukazu.


  • Luzaku: The Sky greets you.
  • The Crow: I'm glad you're still here. I know there isn't much time to talk right now, but... A part of me always hoped there would be a chance for peace with the Lucent Hive. But it never felt possible.
  • Luzaku: A single raindrop is not an ocean, but a single raindrop can begin a flood.
  • The Crow: Sometimes, all it takes is one person making the right choice to give others the courage to do the same. Be the example.
  • Luzaku: Perhaps there will never be peace under the Sky. This one cannot see the future. But this one wishes for a better one... for all. Why waste this gift we were given with hatred? With conflict? The sword was a lie, and yet still so many choose to believe it.
  • The Crow: Yeah. Even in the face of the truth that the Witness betrayed the Hive, it's like they're too far gone to walk back what they've become. Even the Lucent Brood.
  • Luzaku: We were not given grace. We were told who we were, what atrocities we wrought, and many stepped back into their old truths.
  • The Crow: Forgetting really can be a gift.
  • Luzaku: It is the Sky's truest gift... liberation.
  • The Crow: Be safe, Luzaku. Perhaps one day, the flood will come.


  • Luzaku: The Sky greets you.
  • Glint: You're... not what I expected. Ah, sorry. I'm Glint. It's nice to meet you.
  • Luzaku: This one has heard your name. This one is called Luzaku.
  • Glint: That's — that's a different speech pattern from most Hive. Why do you call yourself "this one"?
  • Luzaku: Because this one believes that, in each Guardian life, we are given the potential to change. The Sky is forever. Lives are not. This one is Luzaku. Perhaps, next time, this one will be someone different.
  • Glint: Oh! Oh, I see. So, you see each new resurrection as a new self?
  • Luzaku: It is more complicated than that.
  • Glint: I—I'd really like to talk more about that. I've gotta go help Crow, but maybe we could... talk again, later?
  • Luzaku': This one will be waiting.


  • Luzaku: The Sky greets you.
  • Micah-10: A Hive Guardian that isn't looking to murder us. You've got my attention.
  • Luzaku: As has this one. Your aura is... different, shepherd.
  • Micah-10: My aura?
  • Luzaku: It reverberates like the waves of a lapping ocean, brushing on to shores of a distant garden. Like the Sky, here.
  • Micah-10: I'm a Guardian, my Light is my truth. But you're saying I'm, what, different somehow?
  • Luzaku: This one's Ghost, Euloch, feels it. Is drawn to it. Even at great distances... he remembers you.
  • Micah-10: Euloch? Yeah, I remember him. He was quiet, angry, frustrated. Lashed out a lot. So, he turned to Savathûn then?
  • Luzaku: All things can change, even Ghosts. This one is glad you are here. Euloch... will be glad in time.


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