Hydroponics Delta

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Hydroponics Delta
Destiny 2 Hydroponics Delta Start.jpg


Neptune, Neomuna

Enemy factions:

Cabal (Shadow Legion)

Connecting areas:

Zephyr Concourse

Area type:

Lost Sector


The Hydroponics Delta is a Lost Sector on Neptune located inside of a building in the Zephyr Concourse that contains a food production plant for the Neomuni. It houses a science facility that holds organic plants as well as holograms of plants. The Guardian's task is to take back the facility from Valus Dravusk, Shadow Legion and their team of Cabal that currently occupy it.


Players make their way through a series of rooms and hallways guarded by Shadow Legion Cabal. Most of the rooms will require all Cabal forces to be defeated for the next room to become available. The final room is where the boss Valus Dravusk can several cabal troops be found. As you fight, Dravusk will keep always be summoning Cabal reinforcements to aid them in combat. Once the Centurion Valus had been defeated, Cabal will stop spawning and any remaining will continue to fight until they too have been slain. The chest will also be available to access upon the boss's defeat.



  • Valus Dravusk is the only Centurion Cabal enemy in the entire lost sector.
  • The Cabal are likely using the facility to grow their own food and feed the Shadow Legion.
  • The final room has a total of 576 plants in the garden towers.