Hallowed Grove

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Hallowed Grove
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European Dead Zone, Earth

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The Sludge
Hallowed Rift

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Hallowed Grove is a Lost Sector in the European Dead Zone on Earth, located within The Sludge. It is guarded by Vendraxis, Shadow of Oryx.

Story details[edit]

Sometime after reclaiming the Last City and finding the legendary Warlock Osiris, it was used as an arena in which the Guardian was tasked by Commander Zavala and the mysterious Ana Bray with liberating a shard of the Traveller to use as bait against the Hive god Xol and its servant Nokris. After a lengthy firefight with the resident Taken, Ana Bray, with the help of the last Warmind, Rasputin, freed the shard from its Taken vices and returned to Mars.

During the Harbinger exotic quest, Guardians initially must go through this Lost Sector to get to the Hollowed Rift to get Hawkmoon.


  • The Grove appears to be a section of The Dark Forest due to the appearances of gnarled trees and roots splintered all over the area. These effects are due to the corruption of the Traveler's Shard.

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